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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(857)Mingo County Police Departments
Delbarton Police Department1 Riverside DriveDelbartonWV25670304-475-3359
Mingo County Police Departments
Gilbert Police Department44 U.s. 52GilbertWV25621304-664-9625
Kermit Police Department385 Logan StreetKermitWV25674304-393-3563
Matewan Police Department306 Mc Coy AlleyMatewanWV25678304-426-4092
West Virginia State Police Troop 5 - Gilbert DetachmentCounty Highway 52/24VarneyWV25696304-664-3950
West Virginia State Police Troop 5 - Williamson Detachment200 East 3rd AvenueWilliamsonWV25661304-235-6000
Williamson Police Department104 Fourth AvenueWilliamsonWV25661304-235-2570
Mingo County Sheriff Departments
Mingo County Sheriff's DepartmentEast 2nd AvenueWilliamsonWV25661304-235-0300
Mingo County Sheriffs Office75 East 2nd AvenueWilliamsonWV25661304-235-0300
Mingo County Probation Department
Mingo County Probation Department75 East 2nd AvenueWilliamsonWV25661304-235-0390
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The Basics of Warrant Records

Warrant Records are a type of public record that have to do with an individual who has been arrested and served with a citation or court notice. If you are curious as to the legal specifics of what a Warrant Records states then you will want to check into what is known as the City of Mingo County West Virginia. In this area a Warrant can be issued for a variety of different things. It can be for missing traffic school, if the person is wanted on suspicion of DWI or something else. The person who receives the citation or notice must notify the court that they have been served.

There are a couple of different ways that these records are gathered. In the City of Mingo, traffic cameras will record an individual’s license plate information. This information is then recorded and sent to the state office that the citation or notice was given in. They will then cross-reference this with the county courthouse in the area to verify the information.

When criminal activity is suspected, the local police will obtain a copy of the persons criminal history. This is known as a Criminal Records Check. If the person has been convicted of a crime, the Record will be registered as being a convicted crime. In addition, records of arrests, misdemeanors and felonies will all be registered. These are recorded and maintained by the State Police.

If a warrant for your arrest is issued by a judge, then it will be made available to you publically. It is possible for you to know if a warrant exists for your arrest without ever seeing the warrant. If you are employed as a nanny, tutor, etc., you may require that a background check be conducted on any person that you wish to hire to assist you. If a person you know has a criminal background, you could hire that person as your babysitter. The reason why this is so important is because you never know when someone may not have the proper qualifications for the job.

Knowing the criminal history of a person does not ensure that the person is qualified to work in your home. That is why you should know the full extent of any warrants for your arrest. You do not want a warrant issued for your arrest unless there is a very good reason to believe that the person is involved in criminal activity. Another reason to perform a Background Check is to avoid hiring a sex offender. The fact is that most sex offenders won’t even go to trial if they don’t have a real good reason to do so. Therefore it is easy to say you hired a criminal but you really didn’t know that until you went to court.

Searching for warrant records is something that can be done online. The best place for you to search would be at the county courthouse. However, you will find that most counties have a website where you can request criminal records of a person. You will need to provide some basic information and some payment information and then you should receive your results in just a few minutes.