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Petersburg Police Department21 Mount View StreetPetersburgWV26847304-257-1100
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Applying For Warrant Records – What You Should Know

Warrant Records in Grant County West Virginia are maintained by the courts and not the sheriff. In other words, the records are maintained for public access, but they are not readily available to the general public, only those involved in a criminal activity or investigation. These investigative records have become one of the most sought after public records around the world. The main purpose of public access to these records is to help determine if a person is innocent or guilty of a crime and, if he is guilty, then determine if the punishments should be lenient or harsh.

Warrant Records can provide you with information such as a persons name, address, criminal record, marriage records, court records, birth and death records and more. They also hold information on sex offenders, so that when a parent is looking to hire a nanny or babysitter, they can easily find out if they have an active sex offender status. If the person is still employed, you can check to see where they work and if they have been terminated. You can even request to see arrest records, court records and any other public records that you might need. To do this, just fill out an application online.

It is important to note that if you are searching for a warrant for a person who has disappeared, this will not be readily available. If you are looking for information regarding an active warrant for another person, you will be able to obtain that information. You must contact the clerk of court in the county in which the person is thought to have left to get the details. To obtain the information, you must fill out the affidavit that comes with the request. Search requests are not accepted at the clerk of court.

Warrant Records in the state of West Virginia are confidential and private. A person has to apply for a record of a criminal offense in order to obtain it. There are no requirements that the person applying for the record has to be a resident of the state. The request can be made through mail, fax or in person. There is no reason why the request cannot be made online.

Records can be expunged if they were found to be false or if the state was sued over the person’s record. There are specific procedures that have to be followed in order to expunge a record. It is recommended that an individual hire a professional to assist with this process. The records are not destroyed, they are just not given to other parties.

When you apply for a record of a person, the information will be sent to the local police department. Once the records are obtained, they can then be forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This can be done via mail, fax or in person. This does not mean that a warrant for a person has been issued; it is just a way for law enforcement to find the person and put a name to the person’s arrest.