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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(907)Wetzel County Police Departments
Hundred Police DepartmentPennsylvania AvenueHundredWV26575304-775-5131
Wetzel County Police Departments
New Martinsville Police Department193 Main StreetNew MartinsvilleWV26155304-455-9100
Paden City Police Department208 West Main StreetPadenWV26159304-337-2281
West Virginia State Police Troop 1 - Hundred Detachment58 Four Seasons DriveHundredWV26575304-775-4488
West Virginia State Police Troop 1 - Paden City DetachmentWest Virginia 2PadenWV26159304-455-0913
Wetzel County Sheriff Departments
Wetzel County Sheriff200 Main StreetNew MartinsvilleWV26155304-455-2430
Wetzel County Sheriff's OfficePO Box DNew MartinsvilleWV26155304-455-2430
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Warrant Records – How Can I Get Access to Them?

Warrant Records in Wetzel County, West Virginia are held by the courts in order to help them keep track of people that have been convicted of a crime. The most common type of warrant is called a “fishing warrant.” This is for a person who has violated a fishing law. This type of warrant does not allow them to fish where they want to catch their limit, they have to report to the court with their catch and give the court a way to collect it.

There are many different reasons a person may be targeted by this type of warrant. They could be violating some type of fishing rule, or they may be fishing illegally where they live. If a person knows that there is an outstanding warrant out for their arrest, they should make sure they know how to look up the information themselves. There are many places online where you can do this. Some of these places will charge you a small fee, while others will let you search for free. You need to make sure you use the best resource for the information that you need.

If a person doesn’t know about a warrant that is out for their arrest, they are in serious trouble. If they try to sneak out of jail while on a fishing trip, they may be caught without their fishing license. If they are fishing and have a warrant out for their arrest, they could spend years in prison without the chance to fish again. People who are targeted for fishing violations have the right to a lawyer. A lawyer can look up the information on the warrant online, and determine if it is valid.

Sometimes a person’s constitutional rights were violated when being arrested. It may be that they were taken to an illegal prison where they were tortured, or they were arrested on suspicion that they were involved in a criminal activity. People who feel they have been mistreated because of their background can hire a criminal defense attorney. This can help them to get their rights restored. The same goes if a person is accused of a crime they don’t know about.

Warrant records can show up in many places. Some examples are county and state records, court records, and federal records. You need to make sure you know where your warrant is, so you can find out what to do with it. Sometimes these warrants are issued by judges who are not even in the jurisdiction of the place the person is arrested. There is no way for the person to know this unless they hire an attorney.

Warrant records are important for everyone, including the police, lawyers, criminals, and everyone else. A person can be misled into thinking they have a free pass when in reality there is a criminal warrant out for their arrest. If a person suspects they have a warrant, they need to go to the courthouse and look it up. There are companies online that offer this service, so they are not hard to find. If you don’t know where your warrant is, you need to find an attorney to look it up for you.