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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(861)Nicholas County Police Departments
Richwood Police Department6 White AvenueRichwoodWV26261304-846-2596
Nicholas County Police Departments
Summersville Police Department400 North Broad StreetSummersvilleWV26651304-872-1920
West Virginia State Police Troop 6 - Richwood Detachment12 White AvenueRichwoodWV26261304-846-6510
West Virginia State Police Troop 6 - Summersville Detachment100 Service RoadSummersvilleWV26651304-872-0800
Nicholas County Sheriff Department
Nicholas County Sheriffs Office700 Main StreetSummersvilleWV26651304-872-7880
Nicholas County Probation Department
Nicholas County Probation Department700 Main StreetSummersvilleWV26651304-872-7860
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Information About Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Nicholas County West Virginia can help you to discover whether or not a person has been arrested, or has a criminal background. This information is available through the courts and all you need to do is fill out an application form. After you fill it out, you’ll find out if you’re eligible to obtain the information and what will happen next. You can then have the results within just a few days depending on how complicated the request was. You’ll find out if the person was arrested for assault, robbery, sex crimes, or anything else and you can then go on to look up their criminal background details.

When you’re looking into a warrant, you should keep in mind that there are several things that determine whether a person is legally allowed to have a warrant out for their arrest. For instance, any felony crimes will have a longer arrest record than non-felony crimes. This means that if a person is accused of a felony, they must have a warrant out for their arrest. The reason is that if they are out on bail while awaiting trial, they can be put back in jail if they have a warrant. A warrant can be issued for any number of reasons. Sometimes the reason is to catch the person in the act of a crime, but other times there is a real reason behind it.

If you want to look into someone’s criminal background, you’ll need to get a copy of their arrest record first. Then, you’ll be able to see exactly what offenses they were arrested for and when. You can find this information on the courthouse website or by calling the courthouse directly. You’ll need to provide your name, address and social security number to get the criminal background check. You’ll be given all the information you need in just a few minutes once you’ve submitted this information.

Warrant Records in Nicholas County West Virginia are considered public record, which means you can find out exactly what you’re looking for. However, because they are considered public records, some of the information contained within them may be limited in certain states. It is important to make sure that you have the right to see the records. Many people assume that you can simply look them up online and find out the information you want. This isn’t the case – you will most likely not be able to get access to these records without paying a fee.

Warrant Records in Nicholas County contain everything you could ever need about a person’s criminal background. There are warrants for a variety of different crimes, ranging from murder to infidelity. It doesn’t matter what you want to learn – even if it’s to find out if someone has a criminal record, you should pay attention to local records first. This is the best way to ensure that you’re not buying fake or stolen property.

You can actually go online and search through the warrant records for any person in the area of your choice. However, most people would rather have a professional background investigator look at them before they make any decisions. By hiring an investigator, you will be able to find out all sorts of information about the person. You can learn their actual criminal history, as well as any civil charges they have faced. Besides that, you’ll get the information on any other court records, police records, and other information that pertains to them.