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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(827)Hardy County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Hardy County Probation Department204 Washington StreetMoorefieldWV26836304-530-0241
Hardy County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Hardy County Sheriffs Office204 Washington StreetMoorefieldWV26836304-530-0222
Moorefield Police Department206 Winchester AvenueMoorefieldWV26836304-530-6142
Wardensville Police Department25 Warrior WayWardensvilleWV26851304-874-3950
West Virginia State Police Troop 2 - Moorefield Detachment5153 U.s.220MoorefieldWV26836304-538-2925
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Warrant Records – The Basics

What are Warrant Records? Warrant Records are legal documents that serve as legal evidence for a person or a government agency to have the authority to do something, whether it be arrest a person for suspicion of a crime, or to find a person if they are missing. It is important to understand how these records are processed and what is done with them, because if one does not know how they are obtained or what is done with them then it can have dire consequences. In this article we will take a quick look at how and where you may obtain public information about a Warrant Records in Hardy County West Virginia.

A Warrant Record is used in courts all over the United States for a variety of reasons. First, they may be used to put someone on trial for an act that they may have committed. If a person is suspected of a crime, and there are warrants out for their arrest, they can be arrested without being able to say a word. This can cause many problems for the accused and their family, which may ultimately result in their execution. Warrant records can help put a stop to this.

Second, these records are used by law enforcement agencies to find other criminals. If an agency finds a criminal, they may want to know more information about them, so they can contact their counterparts who have these records to find out the person’s whereabouts. For example, if the agency finds two men who were involved in some sort of drug dealing, but the only thing they have is the people’s names and addresses, then they can use these records to track them down. Sometimes just catching someone is enough to justify a full search of their records. These records can also be useful in a case where a child has been reported missing.

Warrant Records are most commonly used to track down illegal activity such as tax evasion, fraud, and assault. However, they can also be used to identify the owner of a certain vehicle. If the owner fails to appear in court, the government can make a warrant out for your car. If you are ever stopped by a law enforcement officer and they suspect that you are hiding something, they may want to search your car. Searching through your car will allow them to uncover any weapons or drugs that may be hidden inside, among other things.

Warrant records can also be used for business purposes. Some private companies do not allow employees to have concealed weapons, so having a record of the person’s conviction can be very useful. There may also be public records that show if there has been any type of fraud committed by the person in question, such as a check that was cashed.

If you are ever questioned about whether or not you had a warrant, you should be very comfortable saying “no.” A warrant is issued when a person is suspected of committing a crime. It does not matter what the crime is. The mere suspicion is enough to have the warrant issued.