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(1023)Cumberland County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Cumberland County Sheriffs Office1492 Anderson HighwayCumberlandVA23040804-492-4120
Cumberland County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Virginia State Police Division 1 Area 6 - Powhatan75 Anderson HighwayPowhatanVA23139804-379-8645
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Cumberland County Child Support Warrants
Cumberland County Jail Records
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Cumberland County Sex Offender Registry

Where Can I Find Out the Name of a Person That Has a Warrant Out For Their Arrest?

What are Warrant Records? Well, a Warrant is an official document that is drawn up by a judge or Magisterial Court. It’s the paper that states that a person has committed a crime. The crime can be anything from embezzlement to murder. If you have been accused of a crime but you don’t have any records to back it up with, a Warrant Records Search can prove fruitful in clearing you name. In other words, if you were to get accused of a crime and there are no records to back it up, a Warrant Records Search can clear your name.

How do I conduct a Warrant Records Search? You may not be able to conduct this type of search on your own. That’s because in order to have access to the information, you must have access to a Lawyer or Investigator. These are professionals who can use a Warrant Records Search to find out if there is any evidence that a person is committing a crime. They will obtain physical copies of deeds, and court documents if needed in order to conduct a search.

What if I don’t have access to these professionals? You can still do a search on your own. Just make sure that you have all the proper documentation. For example, if you are looking for a person’s background records, you will need to have their name and social security number.

Where do I look? A great place to start would be the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This is the official website for the USPTO. Here you will be able to search for a person’s name. This website does require a paid membership fee.

Another great place to check is the Virginia State Police. Like the USPTO, the Virginia State Police requires a paid membership to conduct a background check on a person. However, this state agency offers much more than just criminal records. They also offer birth, death, marriage and divorce records, and even inmate information.

Lastly, you can always check out the local courthouse in your town. Every city or county courthouse keeps records on their own individual files. Some may be more recent than others. To find these files, you may need to visit several courthouses. If you are going to use an online service to perform your search, you will have to pay to get the reports you want.