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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1892)Macon County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Macon County Sheriffs Department / Macon County Detention Center1820 Lakeside DriveFranklinNC28734828-349-2104
Macon County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
North Carolina State Highway Patrol - Macon32 Hyatt RoadFranklinNC28734828-369-6969
City Of Highlands Police Department310 Oak StreetHighlandsNC28741828-526-9431
Franklin Police Department240 West Palmer StreetFranklinNC28734828-524-2864
Franklin Police Department218 West Palmer StreetFranklinNC28734828-524-2864
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How To Access Arrest Warrant Records Online

Warrant Records are one of the most sensitive documents when it comes to law enforcement. All warrants must be drawn up by a judge, and they are often specific and time-sensitive. Anyone looking for information about any warrant will find it in Macon County North Carolina. To perform a search on any person’s arrest record, you will need their name and address, as well as other information, such as reason for arrest and date of arrest. Certain states allow you to obtain this information online, but because warrants are also filed locally, you will have to visit the courthouse to get this information. Arrest warrant searches are not limited to federal and state arrests, however, and you can perform a search on anyone from property crimes to traffic offenses.

Before the Internet, the only way to get detailed information about an arrest warrant was to personally go to the courthouse in the county where the warrant was issued. This was extremely time consuming and often unreliable. Also, since warrants are confidential documents, you could face serious repercussions if you disclose their information outside of the office where they were granted. Today, there are several different ways you can find out more about arrest warrants. You can use an online public records search service, conduct your own background checks on people you just meet at the grocery store or work, or talk to law enforcement officials.

Although some warrant searches may be free, they may also turn up inaccurate or outdated information. You may have to pay a small fee to access more recent warrants and other information. This is usually a minimal fee and you will instantly gain access to arrest records, court documents and more. Using a reputable and reliable online service will help you save a lot of time and money and will also give you more reliable information.

Another option is to perform a public records search at your local county courthouse. Although you’ll have to pay a nominal fee, it will allow you to access more records and make sure that the information you’re retrieving is correct. If you know the person’s name, you can usually search for their warrant using this method.

In the case of an outstanding warrant, most counties will provide you with the name and address of the person in question, as well as the reason for the warrant. You can also learn more about any previous arrests the person may have had, any juvenile crimes, and the charge the warrant was filed under. Using public records can help you avoid needless worry when you’re going to give someone temporary custody of your children.

For those times when you need to hire a detective to track down information about an outstanding arrest warrant, you can try searching for online resources. Some websites require a small fee, but you can usually find access to warrant records that include more detailed information and may even include the person’s social security number. Performing a public records search makes it easy to determine whether a job applicant has a clean criminal background or has a past history of illicit activities. Whether you are hiring a private detective or are looking for information yourself, performing a warrant background check is easy and very affordable.