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(1929)Polk County Police Departments
North Carolina State Highway Patrol - Polk Substation40 Ward StreetColumbusNC28722828-894-3001
Polk County Police Departments
Columbus Police Department95 Walker StreetColumbusNC28722828-894-5464
Saluda Police Department2 East Main StreetSaludaNC28773828-749-2691
Saluda Police Department6 East Main StreetSaludaNC28773828-749-2691
Tryon Police Department - Headquarters291 North Trade StreetTryonNC28782828-859-9195
Polk County Sheriff Department
Polk County Sheriffs Department / Polk County Jail40 Ward StreetColumbusNC28722828-894-3001
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What Are Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Polk County North Carolina can help to give you peace of mind. Warrant Records are the documents that show that a person was arrested and had a warrant out for their arrest. This is different than an arrest warrant which shows that the person was arrested for an alleged crime. Both of these records are legal documents in the eyes of the law but only one is printable in public records. The other type of records cannot be printed because they are considered private documents under state law.

In the event that a warrant is active, it means that a person has been arrested and that warrants were issued for their arrest. These warrants will specify the person accused of the crime or misdemeanor. It will also detail the charges that were filed against the person. warrants are used in two major ways. They can be used by law enforcement officials to look for someone who is involved in the commission of a crime or they can be used by someone to look for someone that they suspect does not meet the requirements of a Miranda warning.

When someone is arrested, their arrest papers will be a part of the Warrant Records in Polk County. If you are looking at these records to find out more about the person who was arrested, you should know that you have some information that you will need to get this done. The first thing that you will need to do is to look for any outstanding warrants for their arrest. A warrant is an official order from a court that states that a person has committed a crime against the jurisdiction. It does not matter what the crime is because a warrant will be issued for the arrest of that person.

You will also need to know the reason behind the warrant. This information is also included on the arrest papers. A warrant may be issued for a crime of violence, sexual assault or child molestation. It can also be issued for something as minor as fraud. If you do not know why the warrant was issued, then you should contact the local police department to see if there are any further questions that you have regarding the matter.

Warrant records are also kept by the FBI. When they want to look into a person’s records, they will go through all of the available records to find the one that suits their needs the best. These records are not made public and you will not be able to get them unless you go to the right office and fill out a legal form with all of the necessary information. You will also have to pay a hefty fee to get this information.

In order to avoid a warrant, you will want to make sure that you do everything that you can to keep someone from having one. You will have to inform the police that you are aware that such a warrant is active. You will also have to let them know where you are going and when you will be back. If you are out in public, you will have to tell the security guard that you are not authorized to be there and that you require a warrant. In addition, if a police officer does come by and checks to see if there is a warrant for your person, you will need to explain to him or her where you were, why you were there and what you were doing at the time.