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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Maxton Police Department105 North Florence StreetMaxtonNC28364910-844-5667
North Carolina Division Of Parks - Lumber River State Park2819 Princess Ann RoadOrrumNC28369910-628-4564
North Carolina State Highway Patrol Troop B District Vii4650 Kahn DriveLumbertonNC28358910-618-5555
Parkton Police Department100 2nd StreetParktonNC28371910-858-2119
Parkton Police Department28 David Parnell StreetParktonNC28371910-858-2119
Red Springs Police Department218 South Main StreetRed SpringsNC28377910-843-3454
Saint Pauls Police Department210 West Blue StreetSt. PaulsNC28384910-865-5155
University Of North Carolina At Pembroke Police And Public Safety Department136 Faculty RowPembrokeNC28372910-521-6235
Robeson County Sheriff Department
Robeson County Sheriffs Department / Robeson County Detention Center120 Legend RoadLumbertonNC28358910-671-3100
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City Of Fairmont Police Department421 South Main StreetFairmontNC28340910-628-5115
Robeson County Police Departments
City Of Lumberton Police Department1305 Godwin AvenueLumbertonNC28358910-671-3909
City Of Pembroke Police Department100 Union Chapel RoadPembrokeNC28372910-521-4333
City Of Rowland Police Department206 West Main StreetRowlandNC28383910-422-3311
Lumberton Police Department - East Lumberton Station1608 East 5th StreetLumbertonNC28358910-671-3939
Lumberton Police Department - South Lumberton Station1408 Martin Luther King Junior DriveLumbertonNC28358910-671-3950
Lumberton Police Department - West Lumberton Station2411 Buchanan StreetLumbertonNC28358910-671-3960

The Basics About Warrant Records

In Robeson County North Carolina, warrants are legal documents from the county or state that authorizes an officer to arrest a person for a specified crime. In some states an accused can have his or her bail bondsman deliver a warrant to the police station when they appear in court. However, in Robeson County, warrants must be personally applied for by the person accused of the crime. Even if you are not a lawyer, there are things you should know about getting warrants and jail in Robeson County.

There are three main reasons someone might get a warrant. First, someone may be arrested on suspicion of crimes such as murder, drug possession, assault, theft, driving under the influence, domestic violence, sex offenses, and more. Second, a person may be arrested on suspicion of a DWI violation. Third, a person can be arrested on suspicion of shoplifting if they are armed or are committing a drug offense.

Now that you know why people get warrants, you may be wondering how warrants are stored and what is done with them once an arrest is made. Warrant records are maintained by the local law enforcement agencies. Typically, they are stored in a courthouse and can be accessed by the public. However, since warrants are not criminal records, it is private information. The most common way a person gets their warrant is through a traffic stop.

When a person is pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence, they will most likely be placed under suspicion of having an outstanding warrant for their arrest. It is then down the road when the officer notices the missing warrant. Most traffic stops will end with the driver exiting the vehicle, and the officer will search the car for any outstanding warrants.

Another option for finding out if you have a warrant is to hire a private investigator. These investigators are not available on a 24 hour basis, but if you need them they are usually available within a few days. The charges typically depend on the severity of the case, and the more severe the case, the higher the amount of charges. Many times, an investigator will simply follow a person around until they give up the drugs, or weapons. In some extreme cases, a private investigator may even arrest the person without the warrant until they are caught with the drugs.

Warrant records are kept by the courts and are available to anyone who needs to find out if they have a warrant. You can go online to search for warrants, and most times there will be an option to look up the person’s jail record. Even if you do find an outstanding warrant, that does not mean that the person has committed a crime. In many cases, a warrant only shows that the person was in the system for a certain amount of time. If you are going to use an online criminal record search, make sure that you do not have to pay a large amount of money to get the information you need.