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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1839)Duplin County Police Departments
Beulaville Police Department111 West Quinn StreetBeulavilleNC28518910-298-5360
Duplin County Police Departments
Greenevers Police Department314 East Charity RoadRose HillNC28458910-296-0567
Kenansville Police Department141 Routledge RoadKenansvilleNC28349910-296-0369
Kenansville Police Department149 Routledge RoadKenansvilleNC28349910-296-0369
North Carolina State Highway Patrol Troop B District Iv133 Routledge StreetKenansvilleNC28349910-296-1311
Rose Hill Police Department103 Southwest Railroad StreetRose HillNC28458910-289-3020
Town Of Magnolia Police Department113 North Railroad StreetMagnoliaNC28453910-289-9900
Town Of Rose Hill Police Department103 Southeast Railroad StreetWallaceNC28466910-289-3020
Wallace Police Department316 East Murray StreetWallaceNC28466910-285-2126
Warsaw Police Department128 West Bay StreetWarsawNC28398910-293-7816
Duplin County Sheriff Departments
Duplin County Sheriff's OfficePO Box 908KenansvilleNC28349910-296-2150
Duplin County Sheriffs Department / Duplin County Jail112 West Hill StreetKenansvilleNC28349910-296-2150
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Checking Out the Necessary Details of a Warrant Records

Warrant Records are one of the important public records. This record contains the details about a person who has been arrested or whom is charged with a crime but was not found guilty at that time. People will usually use this to check up on people whom they consider as suspect in criminal cases. These records can also be used for investigative purposes, by employers, landlords and by any law enforcement officials.

The reason why the warrant is used is because someone may be trying to hide some information which would eventually come to the surface. A lot of people are put in jail for minor offenses like trespassing, vagrancy and burglary but they are never proved to be guilty of those crimes. The only way they can get out of the jail is by eliminating the charges against them. Warrant records are available in any state but they are especially useful for those who are suspects in criminal cases. This will allow them to get their records cleared or records expunged which, in turn, will help them move on with their lives free from the stigma of being branded as a criminal.

If you want to search for warrants in Duplin County, you will first need to find out what your jurisdiction’s records department can offer you. You can do this by checking the local county’s website. You can also ask for these records from the local courthouse but the chances of having your request approved are fairly slim because these courthouses usually have a large number of clients who want to access their records. You can also try contacting the State Highway Patrol or the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

There are many reasons why you would need to search for this kind of records. There could be someone new who has moved into the area and you want to verify if they are a person who is known to you. You could also be a landlord and you are checking up on your tenant’s background. In these instances, you will certainly need to go the courthouse because they will maintain the database of warrants. These documents can also reveal the identity of people who hide behind a false identity like an employee. You could also learn who owns a vehicle that you own and if there are any outstanding loans against it.

Aside from all these reasons, it is also a good idea to check if a person has a criminal record. You should not necessarily concern yourself with hiring a lawyer to do this search for you. You can actually do it yourself since you will be using the person’s name that is listed on the document. However, you have to make sure that you use only the name of the person. It might be too late when you discover that your new tenant has a criminal record that he is supposed to pay for his crimes.

Warrant records are a big help to employers and landlords. You are now empowered to question a person’s character. It is also your right to demand that the person provide you with proof of his identity. By checking a person’s warrant records, you will be able to determine whether you are hiring someone who has a clean record or one who has been charged with several felonies.