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(1786)Caswell County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Caswell County Sheriffs Department / Caswell County Jail314 North AvenueYanceyvilleNC27379336-694-9311
Caswell County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
North Carolina State Highway Patrol Troop D - District Iv - Substation956 Firetower RoadYanceyvilleNC27379336-694-9306
Yanceyville Police Department - Headquarters200 East Church StreetYanceyvilleNC27379336-694-5432
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How to Conduct Warrant Records Searches Online

What are Warrant Records? These are court documents that show when a person was arrested for a crime or traffic violation. These can be obtained from the county courthouse in your area or they can be ordered online and mailed to you directly. Here is how to find them.

If you have a person’s name in your phone book, you can search for it online using a search engine. Enter the person’s name into the search box, and then look at the results. If any warrants for arrest are listed, you will be able to find out who they were arrested for and how long they were held.

You can do more detailed searches as well. If a warrant is out for your own arrest, you can find out if it is valid. You can also find out if someone has a criminal record that you need to know about.

Warrant records are public record, but they are not easy to find without help. The reason is because these records are kept in many different places. Some are local government agencies, while others are tucked away in state archives. In order to get the information you need, you have to know where to look.

There are free websites that offer warrant records. However, the information contained in these free sites may not always be current or up-to-date. The best way to keep current information is to use an online service. These services make the information they provide freely available to the public. These services can be used in two ways. You can perform a search on a person’s name or you can perform a background check on anyone.

If you want to use the first method, you will have to plug a person’s name into the search box of the website. This search will produce a list of all felony and lesser charge arrests that are held in the local court system. For warrants, this is usually located under the discretion of the judge. This limited access to warrant information can leave many questions unanswered. Using an online service will make it easy to conduct a search. If you suspect that someone has warrants for their arrest, you will be able to easily see if you have any warrant options.

The second method is to use an online service that provides access to public records. These services are similar to what was done for warrants. In some cases, you will only be able to access limited information on a person. The information that you can access however, can provide you with a good outline of what a person has been charged with.

The last method is to use a public records database. These databases are extremely large and very reliable. The information provided is more current than any other method mentioned above. The best part about using a public records database is that it can give you the most current information that you can about a person. Since this type of database is maintained by a private company, it is not only current; it is also up-to-date.