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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2092)Otsego County Police Departments
City Of Oneonta Police Department79 Main StreetOneontaNY13820607-432-1111
Otsego County Police Departments
Cooperstown Police Department22 Main StreetCooperstownNY13326607-547-2500
Cooperstown Village Police Department22 Main StreetCooperstownNY13326607-547-2500
New York State Police Troop C - Headquarters823 New York 7UnadillaNY13849607-561-7400
New York State Police Troop C Zone 1 - Oneonta199 Oneida StreetOneontaNY13820607-432-3211
New York State Police Troop C Zone 1 - Richfield Springs3574 U.s. 20Richfield SpringsNY13439315-858-1122
New York Susquehanna And Western Railway Police Department1 Railroad AvenueCooperstownNY13326607-547-2555
Oneonta Police Department81 Main StreetOneontaNY13820607-432-1113
State University Of New York At Oneonta Police Department108 Ravine ParkwayOneontaNY13820607-436-2600
Village Of Cooperstown Police Department22 Main StreetCooperstownNY13326607-547-2500
Otsego County Sheriff Departments
Otsego County Sheriff's Office172 County Highway 33CooperstownNY13326607-547-4271
Otsego County Sheriffs Office / Ostego County Jail172 County Highway 33 WestCooperstownNY13326607-547-4252
Otsego County Probation Department
Otsego County Probation Department197 Main StreetCooperstownNY13326607-547-4216
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The Truth About Warrant Records

Warrant records are public documents that show a person has been arrested or charged with a crime by the police and that they were able to be legally searched by the police. A warrant is used for many reasons such as catching a criminal, tracking down someone wanted, or even just to let the public know if someone has had their driving privileges canceled. It is not that uncommon to find warrants out here in Otsego County, New York either. Here are some examples of warrant searches in Otsego County that you may not have known about.

One common scenario that people run across when they are looking to hire a professional to do work on their home is that of hiring a landscaper. This can be a very simple job as all it takes is a background check that will let you know if the person that you are talking to has any criminal record. If there is a criminal record it could end up being a waste of money as most landscapers are licensed by state to work on residences. Another example is that of hiring a mechanic to work on your car. Again you are going to want to get a criminal record check so that you know if the person is qualified to work on your vehicle.

Warrant records can also be used by the police to track down a person that has been involved in an investigation. For example if a person that is suspected of committing a felony has left town and doesn’t leave a trail then the police will use a criminal search to see if they can find out who they are. This can often mean that a warrant is issued for the person and they are required to come back to police headquarters to stand their trial. Again this is why people are very cautious before allowing someone to hire them to work on their house.

One situation that is a little bit different from the landscaper and the other types of people you may have seen a warrant for is that of a person that has disappeared and no one has heard from them. In this type of situation the police are able to use an electronic database that will track a person’s whereabouts over a period of time. The records will show where the person has been, who they have been with and sometimes even when they were there. It is not uncommon for someone to disappear for weeks or months at a time without any contact with anyone. If you want to make sure that you do not hire someone that has a past like this then you need to search through the criminal records.

As you can see there are many situations when the need to search through warrant records will arise. They are used in many ways that are both legitimate and illegal. If you suspect your neighbor is not doing what they say they will then you need to check to make sure they do. If you are hiring someone to clean your home for you make sure they have a clean background and do not have any warrants.

There are even times when a person is pulled over for suspicion of DUI and they have a warrant out for their arrest. A police officer will ask to see the person’s drivers license and as they are checking to see if the license is suspended, they will pull up the person’s criminal records to see if they have one. Without proper proof of identity a person can be a hundred percent sure they will not be caught by a police officer. If you are hiring someone to help you out of a tight spot you need to check to see if they have a clean record or if there are any warrants out for their arrest. In order to protect yourself you need to be aware of how background searches work.