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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
City Of Niagara Falls Police Department520 Hyde Park BoulevardNiagara FallsNY14301716-286-4711
Niagara County Police Departments
New York State Park Police - Niagara HeadquartersGoat Island RoadNiagara FallsNY14303716-278-1707
New York State Police Troop A Zone 1 - Niagara Falls3609 Witmer RoadNiagara FallsNY14305716-297-8831
Town Of Niagara Police Department7105 Lockport RoadNiagara FallsNY14305716-215-1480
City Of Lockport Police Department1 Locks PlazaLockportNY14094716-433-7700
City Of North Tonawanda Police Department216 Payne AvenueNorth TonawandaNY14120716-692-4111
Falls Road Railroad Police Department104 Caledonia StreetLockportNY14094716-628-2367
Lewiston Police Department145 North 4th StreetLewistonNY14092716-754-8477
New York State Police Troop A Zone 1 - Lockport6566 Dysinger RoadLockportNY14094716-434-5588
New York State Police Troop A Zone 3 - Collins6566 Dysinger RoadLockportNY14094716-532-2666
Village Of Barker Police Department8708 Main StreetBarkerNY14012716-795-3207
Village Of Middleport Police Department22 Main StreetMiddleportNY14105716-735-3373
Village Of Youngstown Police Department240 Lockport StreetYoungstownNY14174716-745-3623
Niagara County Sheriff Department
Niagara County Sheriffs Department / Niagara County Jail5526 Niagara Street ExtensionLockportNY14094716-438-3370
Niagara County Probation Department
Niagara County Probation Department111 Main StreetLockportNY14094716-438-4055
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Criminal Background Records – How to View People’s Warrant Records Online

Warrant Records in Niagara County New York can be a significant resource when searching for criminal activity in New York. In Niagara County, a record of a person’s arrest for an outstanding warrant or court appearance can often be a crucial piece to finding out more about an individual. Warrant records are public information in many municipalities throughout the United States. These records show when and where warrants were issued, and the name and address of the person listed on the warrant.

A warrant is an order by a court of law that authorizes a law enforcement officer to arrest a person for a specified crime. While warrants are commonly used for criminals, sometimes they are also used for people who may not have done anything wrong, but the authorities believe they may have violated the law. Warrant records can help in determining if there was any criminal activity conducted by a specific person, or if a person has been arrested on suspicion of breaking a law.

Warrant records provide detailed information about an individual. Depending on the jurisdiction in which the warrant was issued, some records include the crime the person was accused of, the crime the property was searched, and the name of the arresting officer. Some records do not include this information. Other records, however, do provide all this information, as well as the date and time of the arrest, the name of the person accused, and information about the crime. This information can often be vital in determining whether there was criminal activity conducted.

In some jurisdictions, there may be a cost associated with searching for and locating warrants. In some cases, a minimal charge is charged. However, it should be noted that these minimal charges are still very expensive compared to the cost of having an officer arrested for the arrest of a person who violated the order. If you are in need of one of these warrants, you should make every attempt to locate one in your area before paying the fee. However, if you cannot locate one immediately, you should contact the courthouse where the warrant was originally granted.

People who have access to the records can use them to track down someone they know has committed a crime. You can also use the information to check up on a babysitter who may not be hiring the right person for the job, and can potentially harm your child. Another use of warrant records is to check up on a person who has moved into a new home, and is either living alone or married. You can even obtain background reports on registered sex offenders, which are required before the person can move into a specific community. If a person has been previously convicted of a sex offense, their background records will show this information.

When you start to research someone using their warrant records, you will come across a lot of information. For instance, a warrant will show the date the person was arrested, as well as what the crime was. It will also reveal any prior arrests or convictions that may have been made against the person. It can tell the person’s age and other identifying information. Per state laws, it is possible to learn a person’s entire history when you do a search. This is usually done online.