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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Otsego County Clerk Offices
Otsego County Clerk197 Main StreetCooperstownNY13326607-547-4202
Otsego Town Clerk811 County Road 26Fly CreekNY13337607-547-5631
Brookfield Town Clerk10533 Main StreetWest EdmestonNY13485315-899-3364
Cherry Valley Village Clerk2 Genesee StreetCherry ValleyNY13320607-264-3791
Laurens Town Clerk37 Brook StreetLaurensNY13796607-433-2816
Maryland Town Clerk27 Main StreetSchenevusNY12155607-638-1924
Milfard Village Clerk64 South Main StreetMilfordNY13807607-286-7331
Milford Town Clerk2859 New York 28PortlandvilleNY13834607-286-9033
Morris Village Clerk118 West Main StreetMorrisNY13808607-263-5400
Unadilla Town Clerk1648 New York 7UnadillaNY13849607-369-4433
Worcester Town Clerk143 Main StreetWorcesterNY12197607-397-8978
Otsego County Town & City Halls
Butternuts Town Hall3 Vale StreetMorrisNY13808607-783-2739
New Lisbon Town Hall908 County Road 16GarrattsvilleNY13342607-965-2112
Otego Town Hall3526 New York 7OtegoNY13825607-988-2698
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Otsego County Clerk County Records
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Otsego County Divorce Certificates
Otsego County Marriage Certificates & Records
Town of Otsego Historical Archives
Married Couples11,594 (49.1%)
Unmarried Couples1,962 (3.6%)
Never Married Men9,158 (36.4%)
Never Married Women9,382 (34.2%)
Separated Men464 (1.8%)
Separated Women569 (2.1%)
Widowed Men759 (3.0%)
Widowed Women2,555 (9.3%)
Divorced Men2,563 (10.2%)
Divorced Women2,617 (9.5%)

Important Information About Marriage Records in Otsego County, New York

Marriage Records in Otsego County New York is kept by the county clerk of court. All marriage licenses granted in the state are recorded and maintained in this office. The scope of records that are maintained is wide. They are used for statistical purposes, to check on the health of the marriages, and for genealogical purposes. Some of the records that are available here are marriage license applications, proof of age, number of wives, age of the bride and groom, the names of the guardian (if different from the bride and groom), name of father and mother of the bride and groom, and also a copy of the marriage contract.

There are various ways to access these records. The most convenient way is online. You can either search for these records online or go to the county clerk’s office and request for a copy of the record. The cost for such a request is usually very low, especially if it is a standard record. This is mainly because they are only stored in hard copies. If you want an exact replica of the record, you will have to pay for the hard copy.

Some of the information that can be retrieved from the records are the personal particulars of the couple, the parents of the bride and groom, witnesses of the marriage and the official who performed the marriage ceremony. If there is still any doubt left after reading through all the records, you can request for a certified copy. A copy of the actual paper and the digital copy of the paper will serve as your proof. If you would like to get additional information, you can contact the county office to inquire further.

When you search for marriage records in Otsego County, New York, you will definitely come across much information regarding this topic. The details you will find are quite exhaustive. The county clerk’s office will have complete information about marriage records that were filed more than four years ago. There are also some details about the time and place where the marriage took place and the names of all the witnesses who were present at the event.

The Otsego County Clerk of Court’s website is also one of the best resources for this topic. There is even a map that you can explore to locate these files. You will be able to access public records in the comfort of your room. You just need your computer and reliable internet connection to accomplish this task. All you need is to check out the information online and to make a positive conclusion and a satisfying outcome.

Marriage records in New York State are considered public information. Every person has the constitutional right to obtain information regarding marriage from these records. With a few clicks on your computer and with minimal effort, you will get to read through thousands of records. If you have any doubts whatsoever, you can always consult an expert on this matter. There are reputable New York State record experts you can choose from.