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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2057)Delaware County Police Departments
New York City Department Of Environmental Protection PoliceNew York 10WaltonNY13856607-865-4185
Delaware County Police Departments
New York State Department Of Environmental Conservation Division Of Law Enforcement Region 465561 New York 10StamfordNY12167607-652-2701
New York State Police Troop C Zone 1 - Margaretville450 County Road 3MargaretvilleNY12455845-586-2681
New York State Police Troop C Zone 2 - Deposit5 Leonard WayDepositNY13754607-467-3215
State University Of New York At Delhi College Of Technology Police Department2 Main StreetDelhiNY13753607-746-4702
Town Of Colchester Police Department72 Tannery RoadDownsvilleNY13755607-363-2233
Village Of Delhi Police Department9 Court StreetDelhiNY13753607-746-2249
Village Of Hancock Police Department85 East Front StreetHancockNY13783607-637-3432
Village Of Walton Police Department14 Fair StreetWaltonNY13856607-865-5400
Walton Police Department87 Mead StreetWaltonNY13856607-865-5400
Delaware County Sheriff Department
Delaware County Sheriffs Office / Delaware County Jail280 Phoebe LaneDelhiNY13753607-746-2336
Delaware County Probation Department
Delaware County Probation Department280 Phoebe LaneDelhiNY13753607-746-2075
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Accessibility to Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Delaware County New York are the files that contain the personal information of every criminal that has been convicted on a city court. The person who is accused of crimes like assault, robbery, DWI, murder, rape, domestic violence, embezzlement, arson are stored in this database by local police departments or the state police. These records have information like the crime committed, the name of the accused, the defendant’s address, the time of the arrest, the crime that was charged and more.

This information is kept for the security and protection of the public. You wouldn’t want to hire a servant whose background check had been negative. You wouldn’t want your children to be surrounded by people with negative pasts. It is simply not worth the risk.

Therefore these searches are conducted to help keep you and your family safe from any possible harm. In the event that someone has been arrested for a DWI offense and you discover that they are in this database, you should take immediate action. If the person has prior arrests then it may mean that they are a repeat offender. A criminal background check can help you avoid this situation. When you conduct a background check online for warrants, the best ones will allow you to search based on criteria such as name, current or past address, age, gender and more.

By searching using these criteria you can quickly determine if someone you are considering hiring has a warrant. This can save you time, money and heartache in the event that you are involved in an accident or another type of incident where you may be required to go to the hospital. You don’t need to put the entire life in danger, just a bit extra confidence in the person you are leaving behind. Searching records ensures that you have made the best decision for your family, protecting them in the long run.

If you do not have warrant records available to you, then you will be at the mercy of the person you are hiring. While it may seem like they are doing the right thing and the best thing for their career, it is possible that they are just looking out for themselves. By conducting a fast and easy criminal background check, you can know whether to hire the person or not. After all, you would not want to be accused of something you did not do in your heart of hearts.

The first step is to search online for warrants. Most of the online search services will give you an option of either free or paid searches. Using the free ones, you can get some basic information, but they will not give you the whole picture. It is important that you use the paid services so you can have access to all types of criminal background data. Remember that the best background checks will give you not only the person’s full name and current address, but also their aliases and much more. These searches are very efficient and will definitely save you time and money.