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Albany Police Department - Center Station536 Western AvenueAlbanyNY12203518-458-5660
Albany County Police Departments
Albany Police Department - Headquarters165 Henry Johnson BoulevardAlbanyNY12210518-462-8013
Albany Police Department - North Station170 Henry Johnson BoulevardAlbanyNY12210518-462-8684
Albany Police Department - South Station126 Arch StreetAlbanyNY12202518-462-8049
Albany Police Department - Traffic Safety526 Central AvenueAlbanyNY12206518-458-5628
Albany Police Department - West Station223 Washington Avenue ExtensionAlbanyNY12205518-458-9148
New York State Police Troop T Zone 2 - Albany200 Southern BoulevardAlbanyNY12209518-465-7377
State University Of New York At Albany1400 Washington AvenueAlbanyNY12206518-422-3132
Altamont Police Department115 Main StreetAltamontNY12009518-861-5480
Bethlehem Police Department447 Delaware AvenueDelmarNY12054518-439-9973
Bethlehem Police Department445 Delaware AvenueDelmarNY12054518-439-9973
Coeymans Police Department18 Russell AvenueRavenaNY12143518-756-2059
Coeymans Town Police Department15 Mountain RoadRavenaNY12143518-756-2059
Cohoes Police Department97 Mohawk StreetCohoesNY12047518-237-5333
Colonie Police Department312 Wolf RoadLathamNY12110518-783-2744
Csx Railroad Police Department1 Bell Crossing RoadSelkirkNY12158518-767-6252
Green Island Police Department73 George StreetGreen IslandNY12183518-273-2401
Guilderland Police Department5209 Western TurnpikeAltamontNY12009518-356-1980
Menands Police Department250 BroadwayMenandsNY12204518-463-1681
New York State Department Of Environmental Conservation Division Of Law Enforcement - Central Office625 BroadwayAlbanyNY12207518-402-8819
New York State Park Police Main Headquarters625 BroadwayAlbanyNY12207518-474-4029
New York State Police Executive Services Detail100 South Mall ArterialAlbanyNY12242518-474-5330
New York State Police Headquarters1220 Washington AvenueAlbanyNY12226518-457-6721
New York State Police Troop G - Headquarters504 Loudon RoadAlbanyNY12211518-783-3211
New York State Police Troop G Zone 1 - Guilderland2 Willow StreetGuilderlandNY12084518-456-4261
New York State Police Troop G Zone 1 - New Scotland2019 Indian Fields RoadFeura BushNY12067518-768-8154
New York State Police Troop G Zone 1 - Westerlo671 County Road 401WesterloNY12193518-797-3464
New York State Police Troop T - Headquarters200 Southern BoulevardAlbanyNY12201518-436-2825
Watervliet Police Department2 15th StreetWatervlietNY12189518-270-3833
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Albany County Sheriffs Office16 Eagle StreetAlbanyNY12207518-487-5440
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Latham New York DEA Office10 Hastings DriveLathamNY12110518-782-2000
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Albany New York FBI Office16 Eagle StreetAlbanyNY12207518-465-7551
Albany New York FBI Office200 McCarty AvenueAlbanyNY12209518-465-7551
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Albany County Probation Department60 South Pearl StreetAlbanyNY12207518-487-5200
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Warrant Records Can Tell You Everything You Want to Know About a Person

Warrant Records in Albany County New York are required to be filed by each and every police department. This is a very serious issue because of the consequences that come with not filing the necessary paperwork when asked by the police. You should know that these warrants will only be valid for as long as the warrant is active and has not been lifted. This means that if you are involved in an accident, there is no guarantee that the police will ever show up and pick you up on a fake warrant.

The purpose of the New York State Police is to uphold and maintain the law. This means that they have the right to investigate and arrest individuals who are involved in criminal activity. These records are available to anyone who requests it and are willing to be questioned by the law enforcement officers. If you are not sure whether or not you can get the criminal records then you should consider the points below. There are many reasons why you would need these records. You are interested in learning about your neighbors and want to make sure that they are not connected to any criminal activity, you are suspicious of your nanny and want to be sure that she is not giving out confidential information that could put your child at risk or even the wrong use of your own computer system or information stored on your personal notebook.

The first point to consider is whether or not the person has a valid warrant out for their arrest. This can be determined by looking at the New York State Vital Records Registry. You can find this information online or in the county courthouse where the person was born or was arrested. If you do not find the record then it is likely that they are not legally qualified to have a warrant because they were not legally present in the country when the warrant was issued.

The next thing to consider is whether the person actually has a criminal record. The last place you would want to go to search for a person’s criminal background is the local courthouse. People who have a criminal record will have a warrant out for their arrest. If this is the case, you can visit the court house to look for an arrest warrant. However, this can be very time consuming. It is much faster and easier to just hire a private investigation agency to conduct this search for you.

If you are still not satisfied with the results of your initial search, you can always use an on-line criminal records search to check to see if the warrant is active. You can either visit the courthouse where the warrant was filed or do a more generalized search by entering the person’s name and the keyword “warrant”. This will return any instances of felony warrants, civil warrants and Suspicious Conduct warrants that are in effect.

You can even search to see if a person you know has a criminal record. Just enter the person’s name and the word “criminal” and then add in any other details that are known about the person. For example, if you know that the person does not have a college degree but still has a high paying job, you can look to see what kind of record they might have. A lot of people assume that the worst criminal record that can be found on someone is a criminal record. However, there are actually several other pieces of information that can give you a good idea as to what kind of person a person might be. Whether you want to keep track of your babysitter or you just want to know what a person has been doing, an online criminal records search is the perfect option.