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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Oswego City Police Department169 West 2nd StreetOswegoNY13126315-342-8120
Oswego County Police Departments
State University Of New York Police Department - Oswego7060 New York 104OswegoNY13126315-312-5555
Central Square Village Police Department3125 East AvenueCentral SquareNY13036315-676-4303
Fulton City Police Department141 South 1st StreetFultonNY13069315-598-2007
New York State Police Troop D Zone 3 - Fulton1013 South 1st StreetFultonNY13069315-593-6194
New York State Police Troop D Zone 3 - Hastings1134 U.s. 11Central SquareNY13036315-668-2496
New York State Police Troop D Zone 3- Pulaski3273 County Route 2PulaskiNY13142315-298-1444
Phoenix Village Police Department455 Main StreetPhoenixNY13135315-695-2001
Pulaski Village Police Department4917 Jefferson StreetPulaskiNY13142315-298-7525
Oswego County Sheriff Department
Oswego County Corrections / Oswego County Sheriffs Office39 Churchill RoadOswegoNY13126315-349-3306
Oswego County Probation Department
Oswego County Probation Department39 Churchill RoadOswegoNY13126315-349-3477
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Warrant Records For Individuals – Search and Find Criminal Records

Warrant Records in Oswego County, New York are some of the most important public records in the state. These records are used to determine if a person is legally qualified to practice Law. There are several reasons that these records are used in this State. First, a Lawyer who wants to practice Law in this area will most likely have to get a Search Warrant to conduct background checks on potential clients.

Another reason that a Warrant will be issued in this case is to serve a debtor with a court order to obtain debt relief. The debtor may not be able to post a bond to cover the cost of the bond if they are unable to appear in court. A warrant will then be issued for the person’s arrest. If the person does not appear in court as required, or does not obey the conditions of their arrest, then the warrant will be carried out. The warrant then becomes public record and can be found by any Lawyer practicing in the area.

Warrant Records in Oswego County can also help employers make an informed decision when hiring a prospective employee. Many times people that have been out of the country for an extended period of time and therefore not in touch with Countrywide or another company will use a new employer to take over their social security and passport information. While some of the details on this new person might seem normal, such as their name, address and job history, there might be red flags that should have been raised by the Human Resources Department. A criminal record check would have found any outstanding warrants that would have kept the person from getting hired.

Finally, many people search for someone that has gone missing or run away from home. With a local criminal records background check, the Public Records can provide information that will help to track down these missing people. If you have seen a poster that says that someone has been lost or runaway, then you know that there is a warrant out for their arrest. This can help you to get a peace of mind before attempting to return a lost or runaway child to parents. The same holds true for those that run away from home.

You can also use the local courthouse in your county for more detailed information. These records are available for public consumption. However, these records are limited to that specific courthouse and the crime that the person was convicted of. If the person has more than one conviction, then this is information that you will not find in the free online records databases. If you are interested in obtaining information about an individual that has numerous warrants out for their arrest, then you will need to pay a small fee. These records are easy to view online and can provide a wealth of information on the person in question.

To determine if there is a warrant out for your arrest, you will need to contact the court house where the person committed the crime. There is an application process that must be completed in order to obtain the information. The best resource for warrant information is the local courthouse. You can either go in person to obtain the information or you can have it sent to you by mail. This will allow you to obtain the warrant information quickly and easily, but either way, there is warrant records available to you if you are willing to put in the time to do so.