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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(553)Lincoln County Police Departments
Hendricks Police Department207 South Division StreetHendricksMN56136507-275-3884
Lincoln County Police Departments
Ivanhoe Police Department317 North Sherwood StreetIvanhoeMN56142507-694-1492
Ivanhoe Police Department401 North Harold StreetIvanhoeMN56142507-694-1492
Lake Benton Police Department110 West Benton StreetLake BentonMN56149507-368-4830
Tyler Police Department230 North Tyler StreetTylerMN56178507-247-3994
Lincoln County Sheriff Department
Lincoln County Jail / Lincoln County Sheriffs Department322 North Wallace StreetIvanhoeMN56142507-694-1664
Lincoln County Probation Department
Lincoln County Probation DepartmentPO Box 29IvanhoeMN56142507-694-1529
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How to Lookup For Warrant Records

Warrant Records are public documents that allow law enforcement officials to identify the criminal behavior of an individual. The purpose behind maintaining such records is to help identify a person who has been arrested for suspicion of crime and then to be able to make an informed decision as to whether they should release the individual or hold them in jail while investigations take place. Without access to these public records, people may not know how they are being treated by the law enforcement officers that are conducting their search. Here is some information about warrant records in Lincoln County, Minn.

A warrant is an order from a judge that allows someone to be arrested on suspicion of crime. A warrant must specify that the person arrested has committed the crime in front of the arresting officer and the exact date the person was arrested. In other words, if the suspect were to go free after making an arrest warrant, they would not be legally allowed to return to the scene of the arrest without an arrest warrant.

Warrant records keep track of each and every arrest that occurs in Lincoln County, Minn. Every time a person is arrested by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department, they are entered into the county’s Criminal Records Database. When searching a person’s record, any violations on their arrest are noted. The violations are also classified as misdemeanor, felony, or summary charges. If you were to conduct a search for warrants in your area, it may take a while before you find any violations.

Warrant records can also be obtained by requesting them from the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Each year, the FBI obtains several thousand warrants for criminal activity from across the nation. Performing a search for warrants in your area will likely be quite simple since most federal agencies store their own records electronically. However, you may have to contact the local FBI to obtain the information you need.

There are other options available to you. You can request a copy of a warrant from the county where the arrest was made. Some counties allow you to view the warrant after 30 days. You can also perform an online warrant search to view all public and federal warrants.

While many states require you to get a warrant before you can obtain an arrest warrant, some do not. If your state does not require a warrant, you can still search for warrants online. Many times, public records databases include all sorts of public records, including warrants. Performing a warrant search can give you some peace of mind as it shows whether there is a real problem, or simply an error on the person’s part.