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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(467)Douglas County Police Departments
Alexandria Police Department501 3rd Avenue WestAlexandriaMN56308320-763-6631
Douglas County Police Departments
Alexandria Police Department216 7th Avenue WestAlexandriaMN56308320-763-6631
Brandon Police Department115 Front Street EastBrandonMN56315320-762-0652
Carlos Police Department109 Main AvenueCarlosMN56319320-852-3000
Osakis Police Department14 East Nokomis StreetOsakisMN56360320-859-2550
Douglas County Sheriff Department
Douglas County Sheriffs Office216 7th Avenue WestAlexandriaMN56308320-762-8151
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How to Search For Warrants in Douglas County, Minnesota

What are warrants? Warrants are legal documents that allow a law enforcement officer to search and arrest a person for any crime. A warrant does not mean the person has actually been arrested, only that the court has issued a citation citing the person’s infraction. In other words, a warrant is only valid if it was issued by a judge, and if a judge found probable cause to believe the person committed the crime for which they were accused.

How can you access warrants in Douglas County? The easiest way to get information about a person’s record is to go online and visit their local courthouse where they keep a copy of their records. In some cases, these documents are available for free of charge. In most cases you will be required to produce proof that you are an actual person (usually a form) before you can get the records of the person.

The process of getting one of these forms can be a bit complicated. Many people mistakenly believe they can just show up at the courthouse and present themselves as a legitimate representative. This is not the case. Instead, it is much safer to use an online service that can help you fill out the correct forms and supply you with the necessary documents upon receipt. This ensures no one but the person you want to look up is responsible for the information.

There are many reasons why a warrant may be issued for a person’s arrest. Most commonly, the authorities may issue the warrant when a person fails to show up for court as expected. Sometimes, they may issue the warrant when the person’s property is in danger or they could be injured in some way. Another common reason for issuing warrants is for someone to run away from the jurisdiction.

Once you have found out if you are eligible to obtain warrants or not, you can learn all about them. You can find a person’s personal history by searching for their name in the local public records database. There are typically several public records databases that you can access to get information about a person’s history. A couple of the databases are actually free and are useful for checking on someone’s background. However, if you want to search for warrants, you will have to consider how much it will cost to access public records on the person.

If you are not comfortable with using free public record databases to search for warrants, then you will have to use the services of an online criminal records search company. These companies offer a wide range of services including background checks. You can usually get warrant records and other important information about someone’s background and criminal history with this type of service. All of the information that you will receive will be confidential, as is the case with most warrant searches.

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