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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(475)Hubbard County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Hubbard County Probation Department301 Court AvenuePark RapidsMN56470218-732-2310
Hubbard County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Hubbard County Sheriffs Office / Hubbard County Jail301 Court AvenuePark RapidsMN56470218-732-3331
Akeley Police Department25 Broadway Street WestAkeleyMN56433218-652-4440
Nevis Police Department104 Main StreetNevisMN56467218-652-3866
Park Rapids Police Department1425 Fair AvenuePark RapidsMN56470218-237-2711
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Learning About Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Hubbard County Minnesota are maintained by the Hubbard County Sheriff’s Department. This is a local government agency responsible for keeping the public informed about criminal activity within the county. When a warrant is issued, it indicates that there is a serious criminal activity going on and the person who was targeted may have some type of communicable disease, substance abuse or other health issue that requires him/her to be tested for such. Most warrants are public records but the record of a warrant is not supposed to be released to the general public unless there is reason to believe that the subjects involved in the current warrant crime had been involved in an earlier crime.

For people that are interested in searching for warrants in particular, they have two main options. They can do the search themselves or they can hire a professional. Some people are wary of hiring a professional because this process does involve quite a bit of legwork. However, the work involved is worth the effort because of the access to detailed information. Searching through these files can tell you all the background information on an individual that you will need.

The local courthouse that issued the warrant will have the most up to date information on the warrant. It will also have the reasons for the issuance along with the signature of the courts. A person can go to the police station where the crime happened or they can look through the public records at the county courthouse. In cases where the person does not have any idea as to the person’s identity, he can use the social security number that is on file with the bank. Other methods for performing a public records search include checking the public archives at the state and county levels.

There are many different types of public records available for one to search through. These can include marriage and death records, criminal history, and court records. The only problem with using these databases is that they are not comprehensive enough to reveal a person’s complete past. You may only get limited information about certain events. When you do a public records search in connection with criminal justice matters, you will need to get a criminal justice degree from a reputable institution in order to conduct a legitimate search.

In some cases, there are warrants out for someone’s arrest. This can be for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, an individual that is suspected of committing a crime will be arrested without a warrant when they attempt to leave the jurisdiction. The police will then place a warrant out for your arrest. If you are going to be an employer, you may have to deal with this issue as well. It is important to remember that if there is a warrant out for your arrest, it is possible for you to be fired from your job.

Warrant records allow you to learn a lot more about a person than just their name. You can learn their address, their name, their family details, and anything else that is associated with their record. They are often used in conjunction with other public records such as birth records, divorce records, etc. In some instances, criminal justice agencies utilize these documents to help with identification of fugitives from justice, or to track down someone involved in an outstanding warrant.

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