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(637)Olmsted County Police Departments
Minnesota State Patrol Division 21002900 48th Street NorthwestRochesterMN55901507-285-7406
Olmsted County Police Departments
Rochester Law Enforcement Center101 4th Street SoutheastRochesterMN55904507-328-6810
Rochester Police Department101 4th Street SoutheastRochesterMN55904507-328-6800
Olmsted County Sheriff Departments
Olmsted County Sheriff's Office151 4th Street SoutheastRochesterMN55904507-285-8306
Olmsted County Sheriffs Office101 4th Street SoutheastRochesterMN55904507-328-6800
Olmsted County FBI Office
Rochester Minnesota FBI Office1301 Salem Road SouthwestRochesterMN55902507-282-7322
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Criminal Defense Lawyers Need Access to Warrant Records

Invasive investigations and the use of illegal search techniques have increased dramatically over the past decade. Warrant records are used by local law enforcement agencies across the country to help them effectively detect and prevent crime. Warrant records are considered to be public information and can readily be found in a number of places. Many counties have now moved to restrict access to warrant information and in some jurisdictions, like Olmsted county in Minnesota, where I work as an attorney, people are not even notified when someone has been arrested on suspicion of criminal activity.

In addition to providing criminal justice professionals with the ability to perform investigative tasks, such as conducting surveillance, warrant records can be used to assist clients in other ways. Individuals who are searching for employment may wish to conduct a background check on potential employees. Likewise, a tenant may want to access records to ensure that he or she is not a victim of a sexual offense. While it may not seem practical to conduct these background investigations without knowing if there are warrants for their arrest, most local courts require proof of probable cause before searching the public records.

The lack of notification is problematic for criminal defense attorneys. Without knowing whether or not they are being searched and the reasons for the search, a client may not be able to obtain certain types of information. If a person’s warrant is not valid, they could be arrested for executing the search without a warrant. This means that a person performing a criminal background search on another person without the proper notice could be committing a criminal act itself.

Fortunately, there are legal alternatives available to assist individuals in situations where they may be legally required to access the warrant database. For instance, civil responsibility laws provide a warrant holder the right to request additional information regarding a criminal arrest. Criminal activity does not automatically result in a criminal record. In order to access these records, however, the individual must first file an action in a civil court.

A warrant can be issued in a variety of circumstances. A person can be arrested on suspicion of crime, even if they are innocent. They may also be arrested due to the suspicion that they committed a crime while intoxicated, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Warrantless searches are conducted when police suspect someone is engaging in criminal behavior, or if there is an outstanding warrant out for their arrest. Obtaining access to these records is easy once a criminal defense lawyer is hired to fight for their client’s rights.

Permitting criminal defense lawyers to access warrant records allows clients to gather accurate, timely evidence of criminal activity. With a reliable private investigation company, an individual can discover any warrant issued against their suspect. Accessing the public records is often inconvenient and time consuming. In many instances, people perform the search themselves to avoid the expense of hiring a private investigator.

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