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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(471)Goodhue County Police Departments
Goodhue Police Department405 Broadway Street NorthGoodhueMN55027651-923-4880
Goodhue County Police Departments
Cannon Falls Police Department322 Hoffman Street WestCannon FallsMN55009507-263-9300
Cannon Falls Police Department918 River RoadCannon FallsMN55009507-263-2278
Kenyon Police Department709 2nd StreetKenyonMN55946507-789-6415
Prairie Island Indian Community Tribal Police Dept1900 Buffalo Slough TrailWelchMN55089
Red Wing Police Department430 West 6th StreetRed WingMN55066651-267-2600
Zumbrota Police Department50 West 2nd StreetZumbrotaMN55992507-732-5219
Goodhue County Sheriff Department
Goodhue County Sheriffs Office / Goodhue County Jail430 West 6th StreetRed WingMN55066651-267-2600
Goodhue County Probation Department
Goodhue County Probation Department608 Main StreetRed WingMN55066651-385-6491
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The Purpose of Warrant Records

Warrant records are one of the most important public records for any person to keep track of. The state of Minnesota has a special law that allows anyone to access these records. This is so that if a person is accused of any criminal activity, then they can find out if they were indeed charged with a crime by checking up on the person’s records. This is also useful for those who are suspicious of someone they just met.

These days it seems that everyone has some sort of digital record available to them on the internet. From pictures to videos and documents, there are many types of files that can be accessed by the public online. It is also possible to find out information about criminal activity that may have taken place in a person’s past. However, most people only keep records of things like marriage and death certificates.

When someone is arrested for anything, the authorities will require proof that they were guilty of whatever offense the arrest was for. In order to do this, they need to have any paperwork that proves a person’s guilt. One of the most common ways of obtaining this paperwork is through a person’s criminal records. Anytime a person is accused of any crime, they are required by law to provide proof of their innocence. This includes providing fingerprints or other identifying information that proves the person committed the crime in question.

There are different requirements that each state and county have for this paperwork. Some of the information that the police need to have available include the person’s name, address, social security number, and date of birth. They will also need to know where the person works and why they were picked out of the crowd. All of this is used in order to prove the person committed the criminal activity at hand.

Warrant records are also useful for employers who need to choose the best employees for a job. Anyone can be accused of committing a crime at any time and it is important for an employer to know about a person’s past in order to ensure they are hiring someone who will not commit future crimes. A background check will allow employers to determine if a person has any previous criminal records. They can also use these records to see if a person is honest and whether they are going to be trustworthy enough to work around children.

If you want to find out if a person has any previous criminal records, you should look them up using their Social Security number. This is a unique number that only the person who owns it will know. A search of a person’s background information will let you know exactly what a person has been charged with and when they were arrested. You can get this information from various different sources and you will never have to pay for it again.