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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(476)Isanti County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Isanti County Probation Department509 18th Avenue SouthwestCambridgeMN55008612-390-2781
Isanti County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Isanti County Sheriffs Office / Isanti County Jail509 18th Avenue SouthwestCambridgeMN55008763-689-2141
Isanti Police Department401 1st Avenue NorthwestIsantiMN55040763-444-4761
Braham Police Department201 Broadway Avenue SouthBrahamMN55006320-396-3383
Cambridge Police Department300 3rd Avenue NortheastCambridgeMN55008763-689-9567
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Searching For Warrant Records in Isanti County, Minnesota

Warrant records, also known as arrest records or criminal arrest warrants, are public documents that show a person’s booking information. These records may be used for any number of reasons, including the prevention of the arrest of a person for suspected criminal activity. In some instances, people may be arrested for suspicion of a crime and their warrant records may be used as evidence against them in court. Others use the records to check up on an employee they are considering hiring or a potential spouse.

By searching through the Minnesota Vital Records web site, one can find public records and obtain access to fingerprint, criminal history and past employment history if needed. If you need to conduct a background search of a person, you can obtain records from the local police station, county sheriff or state prison. However, the data will not be readily available to the general public. There is an option for paying a fee to have access to the state and local police records in this county only. This service is offered by numerous online companies and is fairly fast and easy to use.

You can perform a public criminal record search by going online and searching the county records database. When you find the person you want to search, you are given the persons name, age, current residence, previous addresses, marriage/divorce records, sex, birth/death records, crime and arrest information. You can also find out other pertinent personal information about the person like current residence, household members and neighbors. You will need to pay a fee to have access to this type of detailed criminal history information.

Searching through the county website for warrant records does not provide information regarding a person’s immigration status. The same is true when you search for a person’s conviction records or civil cases. To get the information you need, you may need to pay a small fee to a private investigative agency. These agencies collect the information on behalf of the government and make it available to the public through different channels. The information includes arrests, convictions and warrants that were issued against the person in question.

The Internet is a valuable source of information. It is easy to access and can be retrieved quickly. Most public records websites also allow you to make limited searches for a small fee. If you want to obtain more detailed information on an individual, you will most likely need to pay a larger fee in exchange for the information you need. There are many websites that allow you to do a free criminal background check but these are typically limited and inaccurate.

Protect yourself and your family by knowing the truth about a person’s criminal history. By performing a public criminal records check, you can protect yourself and your family from dangerous individuals. You can also protect your business and your property from possible robbers. If you suspect your neighbor or a business colleague of being up to no good, you can have them arrested and have their records found. Performing a warrant records search online will give you the peace of mind that you need in today’s world.

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