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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(632)Mower County Police Departments
Mower County Sheriff201 1st Street NortheastAustinMN55912507-437-9400
Mower County Police Departments
Adams Police Department303 West Main StreetAdamsMN55909507-582-3601
Austin City Police Department201 1st Street NortheastAustinMN55912507-437-9400
Brownsdale Police Department103 Main Street EastBrownsdaleMN55918507-567-2177
Grand Meadow Police Department112 Grand Avenue EastGrand MeadowMN55936507-754-5280
Mapleview/Lyle Public Safety Department101 22nd Avenue NorthwestAustinMN55912507-438-6645
Mower County Sheriff Department
Mower County Jail / Mower County Sheriffs Department201 1st Street NortheastAustinMN55912507-437-9400
Mower County Probation Departments
Mower County Probation Department109 1st Avenue SoutheastAustinMN55912507-434-2697
Fillmore County Probation Department316 2nd Avenue SouthwestGrand MeadowMN55936507-279-1031
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Searching For Warrant Records

Warrant Records are important and required documents for the protection of one’s property. These are used when a person has been arrested for any of the crimes mentioned above and the warrants have been issued. The documents are kept in Mower County on the county courthouse or in the courts that have jurisdiction over criminal matters. If a criminal has committed a crime, his case will be assigned to a clerk who will perform a search of the criminal record.

Criminal records are kept in the custody of the Department of Corrections since they supervise the people whom they have committed criminal acts. In order to obtain these records, one must apply to the Department of Corrections. By going through this process, you will be able to find out the details about a person and if there are any warrants out for their arrest. You can get the records as a part of the applicant’s application. However, one should bear in mind that they will be asked to pay a fee for these records.

Warrant Records in Mower County Minnesota are also used by law enforcement agencies and private investigators to find out information about a person. If you want to conduct a criminal search on someone, you can do it online. There is an online database that offers public access to warrant information. This database allows users to perform unlimited searches without paying any fees. This service was established to help people with a serious need of knowing if they have been accused of a criminal offense or not.

In order to find out the details of a person’s criminal record, one would have to follow a long trail that starts from the local police station to the county courthouse. In many cases, this can take months before one gets enough details about the criminal case. This is why the service provided by the Minnesota State Library and the MPR website can save you lots of time. The system uses an integrated approach of computers to collect, process and transmit the data to the requested areas. This approach guarantees accuracy and expedient processing of the data.

You will be able to find the name, current and past addresses, service status, criminal history and other related information about the individual. You can also get different search options like criminal checks, background reports, financial profiles and others. These records are usually available for free but if you need any additional information, you may have to pay a nominal charge.

The major advantage of using this online criminal records search is that you can easily conduct an intensive background check on any person. You only need a computer, internet connection and a few minutes to perform your search. The results will include the person’s arrest record, court records, driving records, military records, history of marriage and divorce and many more. You will be able to see if the person has a history of violent crime, domestic violence, DUI and other criminal records. This method of conducting a background check is very beneficial as it is reliable, powerful and fast.

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