St. Louis County Minnesota Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(698)St. Louis County Police Departments
Babbitt Police Department71 South DriveBabbittMN55706218-827-2441
St. Louis County Police Departments
Biwabik City Police Department105 3rd Avenue NorthBiwabikMN55708218-865-4186
Biwabik Police Department321 Main Street SouthAuroraMN55705218-865-4186
Biwabik Township Police Department6658 Oak DriveGilbertMN55741218-865-4305
Biwabik Township Police Department6555 Oak DriveGilbertMN55741218-865-4238
Breitung Township Police Department39 1st AvenueSoudanMN55782218-753-6660
Chisholm Police Department301 West Lake StreetChisholmMN55719218-254-7916
Cook Police Department103 South River StreetCookMN55723218-666-5128
Duluth Police Department2030 North Arlington AvenueDuluthMN55811218-730-5400
Duluth Police Department411 West 1st StreetDuluthMN55802218-730-5020
Duluth Township Police Department6092 Homestead RoadDuluthMN55804218-525-5705
Ely Police Department209 East Chapman StreetElyMN55731218-365-3222
Eveleth Police Department415 Pierce StreetEvelethMN55734218-744-7560
Fayal Police Department4375 Shady LaneEvelethMN55734218-744-2878
Floodwood Police Department206 East 8th AvenueFloodwoodMN55736218-476-2239
Gilbert Police Department16 South Broadway AvenueGilbertMN55741218-748-2225
Gnesen Township Police Department4011 West Pioneer RoadDuluthMN55803218-721-3158
Hermantown Police Department5111 Maple Grove RoadHermantownMN55811218-729-1200
Hibbing Police Department1810 12th Avenue EastHibbingMN55746218-263-3601
Hoyt Lakes Police Department206 Kennedy Memorial DriveHoyt LakesMN55750218-225-2000
Minnesota State Patrol - District 27001131 Mesaba AvenueDuluthMN55811218-723-4888
Minnesota State Patrol - District 3100101 Hoover Road NorthVirginiaMN55792218-749-7720
Nett Lake Police Department12907 Palmquist RoadOrrMN55771218-757-3237
Proctor Police Department100 Pionk DriveProctorMN55810218-624-7788
University Of Minnesota - Duluth Campus Police Department1049 University DriveDuluthMN55812218-726-7000
Virginia Police Department327 1st Street SouthVirginiaMN55792218-748-7510
St. Louis County Sheriff Departments
Saint Louis County Sheriffs Department - Aurora16 West 2nd Avenue NorthAuroraMN55705218-229-2244
Saint Louis County Sheriffs Office100 North 5th Avenue WestDuluthMN55802218-726-2341
Saint Louis County Sheriffs Office - Buhl300 Jones AvenueBuhlMN55713218-258-3353
Saint Louis County Sheriffs Office - Ely209 East Chapman StreetElyMN55731218-365-3344
St. Louis County FBI Office
Duluth Minnesota FBI Office515 West 1st StreetDuluthMN55802218-722-3341
St. Louis County Probation Department
St Louis County Probation DepartmentPO Box 765BuhlMN55713218-258-8593
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Warrant Records Are a Must Have For Your Criminal Background Check

Warrant Records in St. Louis County are considered public information in that they are made publicly available for anyone to seek out. The only problem is that not all public records are actually free to access, meaning you may have to pay a fee in order to get the information you are after. What most people do not realize is that in many instances a warrant will be issued based on questionable activity which would make it public record. However, because warrants are public records, you can also request them at any time by going through the court house where the incident took place. This can be very helpful if you are looking to obtain more specific information on an individual than what is listed on the public records.

It is important to note that warrants are different than traffic tickets. A traffic ticket is issued under a specific set of rules and regulations while a warrant is considered a felony and is a legal device issued under state law. While both are considered public information, the process for obtaining warrants and the information contained within them can differ greatly. Traffic tickets can be easily researched online while warrants can often take a lot of time and patience on your part before you can obtain the information you are after. If you are interested in investigating a person then one of the fastest and best ways to obtain this information would be to use your local police department.

By obtaining a copy of a persons criminal records you can gain a lot of valuable information. First, you will be able to see exactly what offenses were committed and when. This can be useful if you are thinking about hiring someone to work in your home or for your business. You will know exactly who they have served their jail time and for how long they have served. This is also very helpful in determining any outstanding warrants that have been placed against them.

If you are interested in checking up on an individual then you can do so legally as well. By using the services of a private detective you can gain access to arrest warrant records through the courthouse in your county. These records are kept for a wide public and you can search through them at your leisure.

Another option would be to do a free background check on a person simply by visiting their local police station. By doing a lookup for a person you will be able to find out if they have ever been arrested or convicted of a crime. You can also learn the full names and current addresses of any person that you are investigating.

As you can see there are many different options available when searching for warrant records. Depending on your reasons for accessing these public records you may want to consider using one or all of these options. If you are just curious however, then simply conducting a public records search is a great place to start. Performing a search in your county is also a great option if you want the most up to date information available.

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