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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2671)Rowan County Police Departments
Kentucky State Police - Post 81595 Flemingsburg RoadMoreheadKY40351606-784-4127
Rowan County Police Departments
Morehead Police Department105 East Main StreetMoreheadKY40351606-784-7511
Morehead State University Police Department230 University BoulevardMoreheadKY40351606-783-2035
Rowan County Sheriff Departments
Rowan County Sheriff's Office600 West Main StreetMoreheadKY40351606-784-5446
Rowan County Sheriffs Department627 East Main StreetMoreheadKY40351606-784-5446
Rowan County Probation Department
Rowan County Probation Department627 East Main StreetMoreheadKY40351606-784-6705
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The Easy Way to Look Up Warrants

Warrant records are all public information in Rowan County, Kentucky. These documents show that a person has been arrested and that the arrest has been lawful. They also show when the arrest was made, as well as where the warrant was served. In some cases, a warrant will be for a serious crime such as rape or murder.

The most common type of record you will find is a criminal record. These include several misdemeanor offenses as well as several felony convictions. Some records show that the person has been convicted of this crime more than once. If the person has been convicted of more than one crime, their conviction records may also be found on this record. Warrant records will also show if the person has ever been arrested on suspicion of a sex offense. If the person has been, the warrant will state the crime they were arrested for.

Another type of public record is a Search Warrant. This will be for a criminal matter. This means if the person you want to search for has been in trouble for other things, there may be warrants out for their arrest. This is a way of finding out if the person you are searching for has had any brushes with the law.

When looking up warrant records, you need to make sure you know who the person is. There are some circumstances that will prevent you from being able to find the person’s details. For instance, there are times when a person may die and their relatives do not want their personal belongings being sold. Another reason could be when a person’s property is in danger of being taken away by the government. If you are interested in checking, then you can ask the court clerk to see if any warrants have been issued against the person.

It is important to find out exactly what a warrant is. A warrant is simply a legal request that a judge has made that asks you to take action on it. You will normally have to go to the courthouse and physically see if the warrant is valid. You then have to go through all the legal paperwork in order to apply for it and get it signed. If the person you want to search has not declared bankruptcy or had their name changed, then you will still be able to find out the information on the warrant.

Warrant records are legal documents filed with the courts. They give you permission to search for the person in question without worrying about whether they can help you or not. There are some things that you should keep in mind when looking up warrants. Most people are innocent until proven guilty so there is no harm in searching for someone’s record. Also, you must keep in mind that warrants are public record so anyone can access them.