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How Accessing Warrant Records Can Protect You

Warrant Records in Smith County, Kansas are all public information and are readily accessible to the public. Anyone who is curious about a person’s warrant can go to the county recorder’s office or search online for the information. Records that show a person’s arrest warrant are also available. All felony and capital felony charges will have a warrant out for their arrest and these warrants will be readily available to the public.

If you are someone’s ex boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse and they ask you about a warrant, then it is best not to tell them because it could put you in jail. If you do tell the person, they could end up taking the matter into their own hands and have you arrested for something you did not do. The best way to avoid this situation is to make sure that you have a legal right to remain silent. This means that even if the person does not ask you about the warrant, they may ask you to go to jail for refusal to answer this question. Many times, people get scared once they are served with a warrant and end up missing their court date because of avoiding police.

It is best to always carry around a copy of your warrant. You never know when you may have a break in and find yourself searching for the person who has been arrested. Warrant searches in Smith County are public information. You do not have to pay for this information, it is public record.

There are several reasons that a warrant may be issued for a person. In some instances, a person could be on probation or on parole and the warrant is used to keep them from contacting or going near that person. A warrant can be issued for failure to appear at an important court date. If a person has been convicted of theft, fraud or a similar crime, a warrant can be issued for failure to appear at court on the date set. This can lead to very serious problems for the person accused of the crime.

It is best to avoid running into problems by knowing your rights. If you believe that you have been searched and your privacy rights were violated, you should file a motion to suppress. This is a motion that says that the search was conducted without proper cause and violations of the person’s constitutional rights were discovered. This motion will be submitted to the courts and will usually be filed free of charge. You should not spend any money until you are sure that your motion to suppress will have a favorable outcome.

When you want to access the warrant records, there are different ways to do it. One way is to go online to the court house. Another method is to visit your local sheriff’s department. Many states have already started keeping these documents online at their courthouse websites. They will usually require a small fee to access the information. Some states are considering making these warrant records available for free.