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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2661)Rooks County Police Departments
Kansas Highway Patrol Troop D Zone C321 South Cypress StreetStocktonKS67669785-425-6748
Rooks County Police Departments
Plainville Police Department222 West Mill StreetPlainvilleKS67663785-434-2222
Stockton Police Department115 South Walnut StreetStocktonKS67669785-425-6220
Stockton Police Department123 South Walnut StreetStocktonKS67669785-425-6220
Rooks County Sheriff Department
Rooks County Sheriffs Department / Rooks County Jail115 South Walnut StreetStocktonKS67669785-425-6312
Rooks County Probation Department
Rooks County Probation Department115 North Walnut StreetStocktonKS67669785-425-6312
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The Top 3 Reasons Warrant Records Are Important

Warrant Records in Rooks County Kansas are held by the treasurer or county clerk of the county. They contain all information about a person that has been arrested for committing a criminal offense. The warrants are filed with the courthouse and are stored there until they are served with a criminal complaint. You can also search through the records to see if you have any warrants out for your arrest. In many counties across the United States, warrant records are available to individuals who wish to access this information without having to pay for it.

There are different types of criminal activity that will produce a warrant. Some of them include: sexual offenses, murder, assault, theft, fraud, dishonesty, conspiracy, kidnapping and embezzlement. It will be vital to remember, though, that even a traffic violation can be used as grounds for an arrest. If you are the accused, you should check with your court house to find out what the procedure is for obtaining records of criminal activity in your area. In most instances, these records will need to be produced to the office on a specific date.

Warrant records can also be useful if you are trying to find out more about a specific person. If you have some suspicions about your spouse or girlfriend, for example, you can obtain their name and the history of any past criminal activity. It is possible that you may find some things out without too much trouble; however, you must keep in mind that not every public record is available. If you suspect something fishy, you should talk to a professional before using an online service to do a background check on someone.

In addition to searching for criminal activity records, you can also use these records to check on your employees. Many employers now store background information on their employees themselves, so it can be easy to do a simple check on them. If you have employees who have a record of some type of criminal activity, you can easily see it in your employee’s file. However, these types of records are not always the easiest to obtain; especially for jobs that require a security clearance.

Finally, one of the best uses of warrant records is when you are looking to protect yourself or your property. For example, many home invaders use fake identification to get past the toughest detectors. If you suspect that someone has entered your home without proper identification, you can obtain a warrant for their arrest. If they are later found to have been in your home illegally, you can use the records to have their criminal activity registered against them. This can help prevent damage to your property or to your belongings, in the case that someone breaks into your home or car.

If you think you are going through the trouble of obtaining a criminal warrant, you may want to check with a professional first. You don’t want to start your investigation when you have no real proof of the validity of the warrant. This can lead to many complications and can be a hassle. Instead, contact a professional so that they can provide the information you need quickly and easily.