Washington County Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(3026)Washington County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Washington County Probation Department806 Martinsburg RoadSalemIN47167812-883-1446
Washington County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Washington County Sheriffs Department / Washington County Detention Center801 Jackson StreetSalemIN47167812-883-2834
Campbellsburg Police Department21 West Oak StreetCampbellsburgIN47108812-755-4878
New Pekin Town Marshal75 South Mill StreetNew PekinIN47165812-967-3271
Salem Police Department38 Public SquareSalemIN47167812-883-1524
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Where Can I Find Out Someone’s Address With a Warrant?

Warrant Records in Washington County Indiana

Warrant Records in Washington County, Indiana can help a person if they are ever stopped by the law enforcement to identify the person that committed a crime. The record will tell the police officer all about the person and where they were when the crime happened. This information can help authorities build a strong case against the suspect. There are several types of records that will be found in these online criminal history search sites.

A warrant will show that a person has been arrested for a crime. It will also state the crime that was committed and the reason why the person was arrested. All of this information is public record. There are several reasons why a person may need to search for the contents of a person’s criminal history in Washington County. If a person is the victim of domestic violence they may want to hire an attorney who can check to see if their suspected abuser has any warrants out for their arrest.

Searching for the criminal records of another person can be used as a way of checking to see if they are married. If someone is married and they have kids together, it could make it easy for them to hide from their partner, but one way of finding out is by checking the person’s address. It is common for people to create a new e-mail address for working and social purposes. By searching the person’s address it is easy to find out where they are and if they are married or not.

Searching for person’s warrant records will also be useful if you are a parent. You may have concerns about your child’s friends and whether they have a history of crime. If you have doubts about your child, you can look at the person’s address to see what they have been doing. The person’s name will appear in the records if they have been arrested or charged with a crime. The charges will be there as well as the date of arrest.

People who are suspected of a crime can be searched through warrant records. This means that you can see if they have been arrested for a crime. By searching for records you will be able to see if they have had any previous convictions. If they have been charged with a crime, their record will show up. If the person has been to jail then their records will also show this.

The best place to find out this information is by going to the local court house. It is the safest way to find out the person’s address because they will be given their correct name and their address at the court house. The only problem is that this will only give you the name and the address of the person. To get more detailed information you will need to search using an online database.