Newton County Indiana Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Brook Police Department223 West Main StreetBrookIN47922219-275-7000
Newton County Police Departments
Brook Town Marshals Office223 West Main StreetBrookIN47922219-275-7000
Goodland Police Department115 North Benton StreetGoodlandIN47948219-474-5661
Kentland Police Department300 North 3rd StreetKentlandIN47951219-474-5330
Morocco Police Department112 South Clay StreetMoroccoIN47963219-285-2085
Newton County Sheriff Departments
Newton County Sheriffs Department / Newton County Jail304 East Seymour StreetKentlandIN47951219-474-5661
Hillsborough County Sheriffs Department District 4 - Gibsonton Community Station11072 U.s. 41Lake VillageIN46349813-671-7716
Newton County Probation Department
Newton County Probation DepartmentPO Box 152KentlandIN47951219-474-6081
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What Type of Information Does a Warrant Records Check Provide?

Warrant Records are a matter of public record in all 50 states of the U.S. Warrant Records are filed in the county where the arrest took place, unless it is out of state, where it will be filed. This is also true if the warrant was lifted or later cancelled by the courts. These records are available online as well as in person at the county clerk offices. If you are looking for someone’s warrant, there are many resources online to check on them, but you should do some research before you begin searching.

You can check with the local courthouse in your county to see if there are any public records for the individual in question. However, if you wish to do a more intensive search of warrant records, you may wish to use an online service. The best services will give you access to public records in their database that are regularly updated and searchable.

The most basic type of warrant search will allow you to search for a person’s criminal record. If you are looking to hire someone, you can use this type of search as part of your background check. For instance, if you want to be sure that the person that you are considering to rent an apartment has not been convicted of breaking and entering or something similar, you can perform a search and find out about their criminal history.

Another popular way that people perform a search is to do a national search of warrant information. If you need to look up a person’s warrant records for whatever reason, this is the fastest and easiest way to get the records you need. You can simply enter the information into an online data base that will then give you the person’s personal record. This can be helpful if you are searching for someone you have been told has a warrant out for their arrest, but it cannot always confirm whether they actually have one.

There are different types of warrants that you can search for. Some people will perform a nationwide search to see if they have any warrants out for their arrest. These searches will usually turn up some basic information such as the person’s name and the location that they are wanted in. However, if you want to know more information, you can also search the person’s name to see if they have ever committed a crime in another state or another country. If the person has moved around a lot, you may be able to find out more about them by searching their background records.

Performing a search warrant is easy and the process of obtaining it legal is quick too. When you are looking to hire someone to work for you or move into a home, you should make sure that they are not on anyone’s sex offenders list. Also, you should know if there is a warrant out for your specific person. It is important to know whether or not there are warrants out for your specific person because you want to make sure that they are not being investigated for a crime that they may not have committed. By performing a search warrant background check online, you will be able to learn the information that you need in order to hire the right person.