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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2977)Vanderburgh County Police Departments
Csx Transportation Railroad Police Department - Evansville2710 Dixie Flyer RoadEvansvilleIN47712812-465-1765
Vanderburgh County Police Departments
Evansville Police Department - East Sector4900 Shamrock DriveEvansvilleIN47715812-485-3055
Evansville Police Department - Headquarters15 Northwest Martin Luther King Junior BoulevardEvansvilleIN47708812-436-4948
Evansville Police Department - South Sector315 Taylor AvenueEvansvilleIN47713812-435-6034
Evansville Police Department - West Sector401 East Columbia StreetEvansvilleIN47711812-435-6135
Indiana State Police - District 3519411 U.s. 41EvansvilleIN47725812-867-2079
Vanderburgh County Sheriff Department
Vanderburgh County Sheriffs Department / Vanderburgh County Jail3500 North Harlan AvenueEvansvilleIN47711812-421-6200
Vanderburgh County DEA Office
Evansville Indiana DEA Office101 Northwest Martin Luther King Junior BoulevardEvansvilleIN47708812-465-6457
Vanderburgh County FBI Office
Evansville Indiana FBI Office101 Northwest Martin Luther King Junior BoulevardEvansvilleIN47708812-423-4486
Vanderburgh County Probation Department
Vanderburgh County Probation Department1 Northwest Martin Luther King Junior BoulevardEvansvilleIN47708812-435-1490
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Warrant Records – Protect Yourself and Loved Ones From Harassment

The City of Vanderburgh in upstate New York has a rich tradition of warrant records. In many counties across the nation and even in many states in the Union, people can apply to have their names put on a list of sex offenders. This information is kept in a central statewide system known as the sex offender registry.

There are several reasons why someone might want to search for, or find, warrant records in a particular county. There may be a person who lives in a neighborhood that does not feel safe for their children. Some people hire babysitters for their kids and do not want to leave an unattended child in the care of someone else, maybe due to crime, and these are two examples of situations where having access to these types of court documents can come in handy.

Another reason for searching through the local courthouse in New York is when a person is involved in some type of accident. Insurance investigators visit the site often to follow up on any accidents that occur within city limits. Accidents can cause personal injury and property damage. By locating the insurance report, an investigator will be able to follow up and see if the person who caused the accident is being held accountable for their part in the accident.

Employers in some areas of the country are now conducting background checks. This includes not only criminal records, but also credit reports. If you have a previous arrest for any type of crime, or any past citation for any type of crime, you can have it checked to see if there are any warrants out for your arrest. This can keep you from losing your job, and it can also keep your kids in your care from danger.

There are warrant searches available online for a variety of reasons. If you are a landlord, you can request records for a tenant. You may be thinking of hiring a new nanny. You may have seen a person’s name on a previous employment application, and you would like to know whether they have a criminal record. It really doesn’t matter what the reason is for you to conduct a search, as long as you know where you can access the information.

Accessing warrant records is extremely easy to do. It’s free and quick. In many cases, the person doesn’t even have to be present to order the record. The company will do it for you. As soon as you find the information you need, you can take action to ensure the safety of yourself and your family.