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Warrant Records in Weld County, Colorado are basically a list of names and charges of persons that have been arrested or convicted of crimes. This information is kept for the protection of the community and the law enforcement officers. The right to privacy is part of the Bill of Rights. Therefore, these records will remain under seal.

There are two options people can choose when searching for these records. They can either go to the Weld County courthouse or they can visit the website of the Weld County Sheriff’s Department to gain access to these public records. Although it is free to access these records, certain information is restricted and cannot be obtained.

People should be aware that although the Weld County courthouse has a website, this does not mean that all records in Weld County are found on the website. Therefore, if a person wants to find out more information about a particular person, they should still conduct their own personal investigation instead of relying on the official records. This way, they can obtain a complete and accurate picture of the person’s past. However, accessing any other part of the records will require a fee. The amount of the fee will depend on how much information one desires to access.

Another alternative for those who wish to conduct an individual warrant search is requesting an individual copy of the warrant from the jurisdiction where the person was arrested. In some instances, access to these documents is also available online. These documents are also usually digital copies. However, this option might not always be available as it might require clearance from higher officials such as the governor or the district attorney general before gaining access to the records.

Warrant records also show other important information such as a person’s past and present address. Besides that, they show the name of the person and his present location. Apart from that, they also show the person’s social security number and other pertinent information.

Warrant searches are classified into two categories; felony and misdemeanor warrants. Felon warrants are the most common since it usually targets repeat offenders. This means that if a person has two or more felonies on their record, then they can be arrested and have their warrant put on their name. Misdemeanor warrants, on the other hand, are usually targeted at people who were arrested multiple times but were only found with one or two misdemeanor offenses.