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Warrant Records – Find Out If Someone You Know Is Being Arrested For a Criminal Activity

What are warrants? Warrants are documents issued by a judge that allows law officials to arrest a person on suspicion of crime. Warrants allow police to enter private property to bust a break-in or execute a search warrant. Although warrants are not used to arrest someone, they do allow police to locate and apprehend the suspect. Here is more information about warrants, their effects and the laws that govern their use in Colorado.

What are warrants? Warrants are court orders that allow law enforcement officials to temporarily arrest a person on suspicion of crime. For example, if a person fails to appear at his court date for his court date, the judge may issue a warrant to show that the person is in violation of his bail agreement. Bail agreements generally state that the suspect will return to court on the date scheduled or within a specific time limit.

How are warrants used? Warrants are used for many purposes. They are sometimes used as a means of making an arrest, to give police evidence for a legal trial or as part of a court order of custody. When a warrant is issued, it tells police officers that a certain person is wanted on a particular date. If the person does not appear at the appointed date, the police can make an arrest. The arrested person can be held in jail until his court date, or sometimes until he appears.

Who has access to warrant information? All law enforcement agencies, including local, state and federal, keep records on people who are arrested for criminal reasons. These records are kept in two formats: public and non-public. Public criminal records are available to the public. Non-public records are restricted and only released to authorized officials such as law enforcement agencies or attorneys handling criminal cases.

Who can access criminal records searches? Criminal records are considered public information because they are created and maintained by the government. Anyone who is interested can go online to find out if a person has any criminal offenses on their record. In general, anyone can perform an easy online search using a search engine.

How do I perform a search? Once a person knows the person of interest, they can perform a criminal records search by filling out an easy online form. The person seeking the criminal history record will have to provide the name, address, and Social Security number of the person they wish to search. An access code will be required to verify the identity of the person.