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What are Warrant Records? Any document that certifies a person or entity to have been arrested, tried, convicted or to have committed a crime by a specific individual or entity. The records include all federal, state and local warrants and arrests that have taken place in the county of Jefferson County. These records are one of the most important records that you will need if you are looking to hire someone to work in your home or for public access to certain information.

What is a warrant? A warrant is a court order that authorizes a law enforcement officer to arrest a person for a specified crime. A warrant also gives police officers the right to arrest the person on their own if they are in the area where the warrant was filed. If there is reason to believe that a person has committed a crime in another jurisdiction, other than the jurisdiction where they were arrested, other states and counties may requests the record of that person’s arrest and jurisdiction. A copy of the person’s record in Jefferson County is then requested from the Colorado State Vital Statistics Office.

Why would I want to find out a person’s criminal history? If you are hiring someone to either work in your home with children or to care for you children, then you need to be as sure as possible that this person is who they say they are. A person with a warrant can not just come and off of the street and without any consequences. Warrant records can let you know if someone has a clean background and a lot of positive things on their criminal report.

How do I find a person’s name and record? To search through a person’s name and records, you will need to find an online company that offers background checks. There are many of these online companies that offer free services. If the person you are interested in has some sort of active record with the state, county or local municipality, then this can be found on the website.

What if I do not have the person’s name and/or record? It can still be done! In a matter of minutes, you can go online and perform a person search by using the person’s name you have. If the person’s name you are searching for is not available on the background search website, then you can go to a search engine and try to find the person. Sometimes it is not always easy to find a person’s name because the record may have been purged or recorded against someones civil rights.

If you are considering hiring someone then it is critical to find out if they have a criminal record. No matter how careful you may think you are, you never know when a person may be dangerous. In the state of Colorado, police officers must report any felonies they have committed to their department before their warrant can be renewed. The only way to find out if a person has a warrant is to request their criminal records through the courts. This can be extremely difficult to do because warrant records are not publicly available information.