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(93)Alpine County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Alpine County Probation Department14777 Highway 89MarkleevilleCA96120530-694-2192
Alpine County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Alpine County Sheriffs Department14777 California 89MarkleevilleCA96120530-694-2231
Alpine County Sheriffs Department - Bear Valley Substation88 Bear Valley RoadBear ValleyCA95223209-753-2321
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Can You Search For Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Alpine County California are maintained by the San Bernardino County Court Records. Anytime you see an entry of a person’s name on any warrants that have been filed with the court, then that is where that person was arrested and that warrant was issued by the court. In other words, warrants are orders that allow law enforcement officials to arrest a person for a crime they believe is being committed and they believe will likely be committed.

Warrant records are only one type of public record that is kept. There are also arrest warrants, detainment warrants, fugitive recovery warrants and many other types of warrants. They are all recorded under the heading of a criminal offense and are filed as an addition to the county courts calendar. Once an arrest has been made, an arrest warrant is added to the courthouse bureaus and searchable online. When someone is arrested for any of these warrants, they are taken to the county jail under custody and photographed.

Warrant records are entered into the public domain so anybody can look them up. If a person needs to find out if they have a warrant, they can simply go down to the court house and take a look at the person’s records. A warrant will show up on the persons public records listing. If the person finds the record online, then it can be very simple to see what the warrant says. If there is a good chance that the person is in another state, then they can do a quick Google search to find that person and then simply hire a private investigator who can find out the rest of the story.

Warrant records are kept in different places depending on how the records are stored. Typically, they are stored in the same place as a person’s birth certificate, driver’s license and social security card. However, in some counties, those records are stored in the courts office instead. It depends on how the records get created.

There are many different ways to use a search engine to find a person’s record. A simple Google search will return millions of hits. However, if you need to find someone’s entire history, then you should probably look at an online database or a service that can give you a more complete result.

The only problem with finding a warrant records is that many times the records are misprinted. This could mean that the person did not actually have a warrant when they were arrested. Therefore, it is possible that you may not be looking at all of the correct information.