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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(135)Alpine County Inmate & Jail Records Offices
Alpine County JailPO Box 278MarkleevilleCA96120530-694-2231
Alpine County Inmate & Jail Records Offices
Alpine County Sheriffs Department14777 California 89MarkleevilleCA96120530-694-2231
Alpine County Sheriffs Department - Bear Valley Substation88 Bear Valley RoadBear ValleyCA95223209-753-2321
Alpine County Inmate & Jail Records Databases
Alpine County Jail Records

Jail Records Search – How to Locate Criminal History Records on Someone

Searching for Alpine County California Jail Records? Public records are available online, via the office, or in person at the courthouse. Search by name or case type (capital/sub-incident names/juvenile/felony) and location. The information is provided free-of-charge to the public through the internet. If you need the information for legal or personal reasons, it’s best to contact the office directly.

In most counties across the United States, jail and prison records are readily accessible. You can also access inmate data if you’re doing an online search. However, in Alpine County, they are private, confidential records. There are a few cases where someone may be in jail, but may not have a place to live. Accessing jail records in Alpine County, California, is the best way to find out more about that person.

Many legal proceedings result in the incarceration of a person. Any convictions, misdemeanor charges, warrants for arrests or other court records will show up on an inmate database when you do a search for them. The information includes the person’s booking photograph, criminal background, date of birth, social security number, address, telephone number, place of birth, work records, and more. These things can make a huge difference in the outcome of legal proceedings and ultimately in a person’s life.

Jail records have been compiled in California under the name ” Jail Records”. However, the state’s record retention laws require that these records are only available to those law enforcement agencies that actually utilize them, such as sheriffs and police departments. This is why a fee is required to access these public records. It’s also important to understand that these fees are only applied once. The state doesn’t keep jail records indefinitely.

Although access to jail records is a privilege, there are strict laws regarding who may have access to the public records and how they may use them. For example, law enforcement officials must not disclose the actual information contained in the reports and must not use any of the information obtained from jail records to do what they would not like to do. Additionally, law enforcement officials are restricted from using jail records to prosecute someone if they don’t have to do so and if they have no standing to do so. The only circumstances in which public jail records are used is to identify, locate and apprehend criminals.

If you need more information on jail records, you can visit the California State Department of Public Health website. On the website you’ll find a comprehensive list of approved health agencies that provide jail records. To receive an exact copy of your current arrest record, you’ll want to visit the county sheriff’s office. You can order an electronic download or request a paper copy. However, you can receive a printed copy by fax, mail or in person.