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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(111)Lake County Police Departments
California Highway Patrol - Clear Lake Area Office5700 Live Oak DriveKelseyvilleCA95451707-279-0103
Lake County Police Departments
Clearlake Police Department14050 Olympic DriveClearlakeCA95422707-994-8251
Lake County Correctional Facility4913 Helbush DriveLakeportCA95453707-262-4240
Lake County Juvenile Home1111 Whalen WayLakeportCA95453707-263-3025
Lakeport Police Department916 North Forbes StreetLakeportCA95453707-263-5491
Lake County Sheriff Departments
Lake County Sheriffs Department1220 Martin StreetLakeportCA95453707-262-4200
Lake County Sheriffs Department - Lower Lake Office7000 South Center DriveClearlakeCA95422707-994-6433
Lake County Probation Department
Lake County Probation Department201 South Smith StreetLakeportCA95453707-262-4285
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Searching For Criminal Arrest Warrants Online

Warrant Records in Lake County California are available for public review. In fact, they are one of the most commonly used public records in the entire country. This is because warrants were one of the early ways that the police were able to keep track of individuals who were under suspicion of criminal activity. A warrant can be a court order based on several factors including suspicion of crime, issuance of bench warrant, posting of missing or non-appear valid warrant, failure to appear at scheduled court proceedings, and other reasons. It is possible to get an arrest warrant as long as there has been a crime or violation committed.

Warrant records contain information on arrests and criminal acts. They contain the date and place of arrest, date of birth of the defendant, name of the arresting officer, name of the accused, case number, and other pertinent information. Warrant records are more helpful when conducting background checks on individuals, especially those who are about to hire someone as a nanny or in the position of caring for children.

The purposes of these public records are many. Public defenders and law enforcement personnel use them to check up on potential clients about their criminal activity and to prepare defense strategy. Employers use them to check if job applicants have any history of violence or crime. Parents also use them to check if child care workers have a history of child abuse and other offenses.

There are several ways to get access to warrants. One is to personally visit the local courthouse where the warrant application was filed. You may have to give your name, address, social security number, and other information about yourself so that the records will be easier to search. Aside from that, you may also have to physically present your signature in front of a judge so that he will have the authority to issue the warrant.

There are also websites available online where you can request arrest warrants and other public records. This service is usually offered at a minimal fee. Once you have paid the minimal amount, you will be provided with comprehensive reports on the person who was arrested and the status of the warrant. This includes the name of the person who was arrested, the crime for which they were arrested, the name of their employer, the exact charges that were filed against them, and other relevant information. If you need any other information, you can expect to be provided with it once you pay the appropriate fee.

When searching for a criminal arrest warrant, you should be aware that this type of warrant is considered as public record. Therefore, anyone who knows the person’s social security number can search for it. Likewise, employers can easily check if job applicants have a clean record by checking their public records. In some cases, the police can use the criminal history to identify possible future criminals. Thus, knowing how to get a hold of a warrant is important to prevent any negative effects of possible criminal activity.