Ventura County California Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(185)Ventura County Police Departments
California Highway Patrol - Ventura Office4656 Valentine RoadVenturaCA93003805-477-4100
Ventura County Police Departments
Ventura County Community College District Police Department-Moorpark College Police Office7075 Campus RoadMoorparkCA93021805-378-1455
Ventura County Community College District Police Department-Oxnard College Police Office4000 South Rose AvenueOxnardCA93033805-986-5805
Ventura County Community College District Police Department-Ventura College Police Office4667 Telegraph RoadVenturaCA93003805-654-6486
Ventura County Community College District- Office Of The Chief Of Police255 West Stanley AvenueVenturaCA93001805-652-5531
Ventura Police Department1425 Dowell DriveVenturaCA93003805-339-4400
California Highway Patrol - Moorpark Area610 Spring RoadMoorparkCA93021805-553-0800
California Parks And Recreation Law Enforcement - Channel Coast District911 San Pedro StreetVenturaCA93001805-585-1850
California State University-Channel Islands Police Department1 University DriveCamarilloCA93012
Camarillo Police Department3701 East Las Posas RoadCamarilloCA93010805-388-5100
Fillmore Police Department524 Sespe AvenueFillmoreCA93015805-524-2233
Ojai Police Department402 South Ventura StreetOjaiCA93023805-646-1414
Oxnard Police Department / Oxnard City Jail251 South C StreetOxnardCA93030805-385-7600
Port Hueneme Police Department250 North Ventura RoadPort HuenemeCA93041805-986-6530
Santa Paula Police Department214 South 10th StreetSanta PaulaCA93060805-525-4474
Simi Valley Police Department3901 Alamo StreetSimi ValleyCA93063805-583-6950
Todd Road Jail600 Todd RoadSanta PaulaCA93060805-933-8507
Ventura County Sheriff Departments
Ventura County Sheriff's Office106 Durley AvenueCamarilloCA93010805-388-4296
Ventura County Sheriffs Department - East County Patrol Services2101 East Olsen RoadThousand OaksCA91360805-494-8200
Ventura County Sheriffs Department - Moorpark Station610 Spring RoadMoorparkCA93021805-532-2700
Ventura County Sheriffs Department / Ventura County Jail800 South Victoria AvenueVenturaCA93009805-654-3890
Ventura County DEA Office
Camarillo California DEA Office770 Paseo CamarilloCamarilloCA93010805-383-6454
Ventura County FBI Office
Ventura California FBI Office2075 South Victoria AvenueVenturaCA93003805-642-3995
Ventura County Probation Department
Ventura County Probation Department800 South Victoria AvenueVenturaCA93009805-654-2100
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The Importance of Search Warrant Records

If you are ever stopped on suspicion of drug possession, distribution, or cultivation of marijuana or any other controlled substances, you may be asked to produce your Warrant Records in Ventura County California at the time of your arrest. This is called a “warrant.” Your Warrant Records in Ventura County California list all the specific laws and statutes under which you were arrested. The warden will also state whether you have any previous arrests or criminal convictions on your record.

In the past, people had to physically go to the courthouse to search through huge boxes of data at the local DMV (California Department of Public Health) before they could get any records from the databases. But these days, you can search for your records from your computer with a few clicks of your mouse. This is particularly useful if you need quick information (for example, to put an end to an harassing phone call). There’s no need to make an embarrassing phone call or wait for hours at DMV before you can get the records that you want.

The best place to search for your own copy of your warrant records in California is online. There are many reputable companies that provide you with search warrant records. You simply fill out a form, pay a small fee, and you can find the information that you need within minutes. Some services even offer instant searches so you don’t even have to email them anything. If they cannot locate the information that you are looking for, most services will let you request a duplicate of the record. So if you think you might need another copy, you can request one from the company that you use and get another copy right to your door.

When you are looking for a record of an arrest, it’s important to realize that these types of records are not normally available to the public. If you were arrested and then charged with something, that will show on your record. But other serious felonies or things like DUIs (driving under the influence) may not show up on your record at all, so you’ll need to check with your local court houses to see what they require when you apply for a job or to get a new driver’s license.

You can also search warrant records online to see if you already have a warrant out for your arrest. In many counties around California, you can go to the courthouse and find out if there is a warrant out for your arrest. You can then check with the clerk to see what your options are when it comes to getting a copy of your record. It may be possible for you to get a court date scheduled if you are in a situation where you really need a copy of the record to support your defense.

It is important to understand the difference between a criminal background check and a search warrant records. While both are popular methods of checking to see if there is a warrant out for your arrest, they do not provide the same information. A criminal background check will pull criminal records from the local courthouse and search for warrants. A search warrant simply pulls criminal records from the courthouse and does not include other information. You can usually get this information for free, but it will not include arrests that occurred outside of California. It is recommended that you run a search warrant records as soon as possible because if you do not have the information, it makes it harder to mount an effective defense.