Ellis County Oklahoma Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Ellis County Clerk Offices
Ellis County ClerkWashington StreetArnettOK73832580-885-7301
Gage City Clerk513 North Main StreetGageOK73843580-923-7727
Ellis County Town & City Halls
Arnett City Hall219 Renfrow AvenueArnettOK73832580-885-7833
Fargo Town Hall202 South Main StreetFargoOK73840580-698-2635
Gage City Hall513 North Main StreetGageOK73843580-923-7727
Shattuck City Hall405 South MainShattuckOK73858580-938-2916
Ellis County Marriage License Office
Ellis County Marriage License100 Washington StreetArnettOK73832580-885-7255
Ellis County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Ellis County Clerk Land Records
Ellis County Genealogy Records
Married Couples861 (53.0%)
Unmarried Couples46 (1.1%)
Never Married Men349 (21.9%)
Never Married Women275 (16.2%)
Separated Men27 (1.7%)
Separated Women31 (1.8%)
Widowed Men42 (2.6%)
Widowed Women282 (16.6%)
Divorced Men260 (16.3%)
Divorced Women185 (10.9%)

What You Should Know About Marriage Records in Ellis County Oklahoma

A record of marriage is one of the most basic pieces of information that an individual may request. It is important to have this document to prove the date of the marriage, and also, verify if it was legally performed. Marriage records in Ellis County are available through several sources; Ellis County government agencies such as the county clerk’s office and the courts, and through commercial databases. If you are interested in searching for marriage records by name, the best place to look would be through the Ellis County Oklahoma County Clerks Office website. This office maintains records of all civil marriages that have been conducted in the county. By conducting a search this way, one can get general information about any marriage that has been filed in the past decade or so.

Ellis County is located in the state of Arkansas, in the northeast corner of the state. The city of Ellis is approximately ten miles south of Oklahoma City, and about fifteen miles from Tulsa. People who are interested in obtaining information regarding their family tree can search through records maintained by the county, and also can search through the files of the Oklahoma State Licensing Board. The records of a person who has passed away are also filed in this office.

The clerk of court is one of the top employers when it comes to looking up information regarding marriages and birth or death certificates. There are several different ways to go about obtaining these records, and the method used will depend on the information that one is seeking. If one is simply looking up names or the file number of the file, they can go directly to the court house, or county office where the marriage occurred. If the person wants information regarding the marriage license, they can try to locate this online.

If the person is more interested in obtaining information regarding the marriage license than the actual file, they can perform an Internet search using any one of several commercial databases. Many of these online databases will have a cost for the information that is supplied. There are websites that will return results for free but these may not be updated regularly. There are also sites that claim to offer free searches, but actually end up charging a small fee upon receipt of the information that was requested.

Marriage records are considered public record and anyone can access them. Anyone over the age of 18 can look up records in Ellis County and view them at any time. Marriage records are available to those living in the county, whether they are related to the couple filing the papers or not. This means that a person living in Tulsa can obtain the information they need, no matter whom they are searching for the records.

Ellis County marriage records are considered to be public record. There is no reason why the information cannot be accessed by the general public. One only needs a valid reason for accessing the information and they can gain access to all of it. However, one should exercise caution when using these records. There is a limit on how many records one can access per year and there is a certain period of time that must pass before the records become public again.