Dewey County Marriage Records

NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Dewey County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Dewey County ClerkBroadwayTalogaOK73667580-328-5658
Dewey County Marriage LicenseBroadway St. & Ruble St.TalogaOK73667580-328-5521
Seiling City Hall315 North Main StreetSeilingOK73663580-922-4460
Vici City Hall106 Broadway StreetViciOK73859580-995-4435
Vici Town Clerk106 Broadway StreetViciOK73859580-995-4435
Dewey County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Dewey County Clerk County Records
Dewey County Genealogy Trails Website
Dewey County Recorder Website
Married Couples 1,033 (59.8%)
Unmarried Couples 62 (1.3%)
Never Married Men 564 (29.2%)
Never Married Women 316 (16.6%)
Separated Men 42 (2.2%)
Separated Women 30 (1.6%)
Widowed Men 44 (2.3%)
Widowed Women 201 (10.6%)
Divorced Men 225 (11.6%)
Divorced Women 295 (15.5%)

Tips For Searching For Marriage Records in Oklahoma

You may be interested to find out where marriage records in Dewey County, Oklahoma are located. This information is important for several reasons. Public marriage records are considered to be public record and they are one of the most commonly used sources of information when it comes to genealogy and history. There are many reasons that you would need to locate these records and this information can be a vital piece of information in determining someone’s past and sometimes in finding out who may be living in your home.

First you will want to understand that public records are not the same as court records or criminal records. Public records are simply information that is filed by the government about people. Court documents are ones that have been filed in courts and they will give you information about a person, but they will not tell you anything about a person’s past. Marriage records are considered to be public records because they have been filed in a court house, and that information is available to anyone who requests it.

Finding information about where marriage records in Oklahoma are located can be done with a few different methods. The first method of locating the records is by using the internet to do your research. There are several online websites that will help you look up information that you may be looking for. Many of these online websites will also offer you the option of getting the information you need in a matter of minutes right at the click of a button.

Another method of doing your search is to use your local county clerk’s office. Most of the county offices in Oklahoma will keep archived records on file for people who have married in the past. These records can give you information such as the name of the person, the date that the wedding took place and the state that the marriage was held in. You may also be able to get other information such as the location of the wedding, the names of the bride and groom and the photographer if you were able to request it.

It is important to remember that all of the information regarding the records that you obtain from either of the above methods will be considered public record. This means that anyone can view it. This also means that if someone wishes to do a search on any of the information that you obtained, they will need to know the name that you have in order to find it. Failure to provide the right name will result in the search being unsuccessful. If you fail to give the name in question when doing a background check, the results of the search will also be unsuccessful.

As you can see, conducting a search for marriage records in Oklahoma does not have to be an all time consuming process. Now that you understand how easy it is to obtain the information that you need, you may want to consider an online option for obtaining the same information. Many online records providers offer free public records searches. These providers are really no different than the ones that you would find in your local public library. You simply choose the state in which the person got married and then do a search. Depending on what company you are using, some of these record providers will offer unlimited searches.