Washington County Oklahoma Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Washington County Clerk Offices
Washington County Clerk420 South Johnstone AvenueBartlesvilleOK74003918-337-2870
Copan City Clerk112 North Caney StreetCopanOK74022918-532-4285
Washington County Town & City Halls
Copan City Hall112 North Caney StreetCopanOK74022918-532-4114
Dewey City Hall411 East Don Tyler AvenueDeweyOK74029918-534-2272
Ramona City Hall420 2ND StRamonaOK74061918-536-2245
Washington County Marriage License Office
Washington County Marriage License400 South Johnstone AvenueBartlesvilleOK74003918-337-2840
Washington County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
City of Bartlesville Burial Records
Washington County Genealogy Records
Washington County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples10,669 (51.6%)
Unmarried Couples978 (1.9%)
Never Married Men5,055 (25.4%)
Never Married Women4,180 (19.3%)
Separated Men382 (1.9%)
Separated Women490 (2.3%)
Widowed Men597 (3.0%)
Widowed Women2,378 (11.0%)
Divorced Men2,438 (12.2%)
Divorced Women3,334 (15.4%)

How to Search Marriage Records in Oklahoma

If you are getting married or would like to add to your family, you should know that there is a plethora of information you can obtain on marriage from Washington County Oklahoma. There is also the option of getting records in the Oklahoma City area but if you are willing to travel out of that area then there is an even better source. These records are not only kept in Oklahoma, but they are also filed electronically. This means that you can search for the information that you need with the click of a mouse.

The information found in the Oklahoma marriage records will give you the name of the person who is being married, the wedding date, the location and what state the wedding took place in. It is important to note that each state is different in all their records so you will have to obtain the information that is specific to that particular state. If you cannot locate the information that you are looking for it may be necessary to go to the court house to look up the information. However this can be very time consuming and you could spend several hundred dollars without results.

There is an alternative to searching the marriage records by going to the courthouse and paying to see the records. By doing this you can get a detailed look at the person who is getting married and the time the ceremony was held. In some instances there may be additional information that will be helpful to you such as the parents names and the reason for the wedding. This can all be obtained online. The process is fast and easy and you can get the information that you require in no time.

The online records are also available to you if you pay for them but this does cost money. There are services that can provide you with a complete report on a person including information that is not available in the Oklahoma records. This can be very useful if you are considering hiring someone to work for you or if you are simply curious who is living near you.

It is important that you search the Oklahoma marriage records in Oklahoma before you proceed to have the records sent to your home or office for you to look them over. This is very important because you want to make sure that the information is correct and there have been no mistakes made. You can also have an initial meeting with the person that you are searching for. This means that you have the person meet you in person to look over the records before you decide to move forward with the marriage or divorce papers.

If you are searching for marriage records in Oklahoma, you are in luck because there is a wide array of resources that can help you with the search. The best way to begin your search is by using an online service that will give you comprehensive information. These services are very user friendly and you will not have any problems finding one that you feel will best suit your needs. They are able to search all of the databases for you and provide you with all of the information that you will need on any particular record.