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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Clay County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Clay County ClerkPO Box 118HayesvilleNC28904828-389-0089
Clay County Marriage License261 Courthouse DriveHayesvilleNC28904828-389-0087
Clay County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Clay County Divorce Certificates
Clay County Marriage Certificates & Records
Clay County Register of Deeds County Records
Married Couples2,766 (54.8%)
Unmarried Couples105 (1.0%)
Never Married Men748 (17.3%)
Never Married Women469 (10.0%)
Separated Men80 (1.8%)
Separated Women132 (2.8%)
Widowed Men103 (2.4%)
Widowed Women562 (12.0%)
Divorced Men475 (11.0%)
Divorced Women745 (15.9%)

How to Find Marriage Records in Clay County NC

Public Marriage Records in Clay County, North Carolina is available through a process of requesting the copy of the marriage license yourself. It is then your responsibility to present this to the registrar of vital statistics at the county office. In most cases, your request will be approved as long as you follow the correct procedures and do so in a timely manner. However, there are some minor restrictions on the timing and delivery of these documents that will be explained below.

There are three ways to request marriage records in Clay County: online, by phone or in person. You can also file a suit if you want. It should be noted that if you file a suit, it will take some time for the court to make its ruling. The good news is that if you have problems with the timing of your request, you can always file for a temporary restraining order to give the court more time to consider your request. In fact, you should know that filing a lawsuit is not within the scope of this article.

What happens next is simple. The Department of Public Health in Clay County (the county where the marriage records are held) receives your request for records. They then forward it to the registrar of vital records. On the day that your suit is filed, the department should receive your request and begin the process of updating their records. It is important to know that the records updated by the department are public and can be freely viewed by anyone who requests them.

If you had to make multiple requests, you may want to contact the Department of Public Health to inquire about the cost of their records retrieval service. Depending on your circumstances, the cost could be relatively affordable. Note that they charge an hourly fee for this service. To have unlimited access to the entire database, it would be best to hire an agency that offers an annual membership plan.

Marriage records in Clay County are public record, which means that you are entitled to them. However, you should not assume that you automatically have access to all of the records in that county. There may be portions of the records that have been purged. If you still want to view some of these important documents, you can ask the county to provide you with a supplemental copy. To find out more about the requirements for viewing these records in Clay County, visit the Public Records Office for the State of North Carolina.

The information contained in these records can be used for many purposes. If you are considering marrying someone and would like to verify that this person is not married before you tie the knot, you can use this information as an outline to narrow down your search. You may also find useful information about the intended spouse if you are planning to remarry. A background check can uncover infidelities. An online search can reveal other personal information as well.