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Clay County Probation Department36 Davis LoopHayesvilleNC28904828-389-0069
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Clay County Sheriffs Office / Clay County Jail295 Courthouse DriveHayesvilleNC28904828-389-6354
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How to Locate Wrist Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Clay County North Carolina are maintained by the Records Division of the Clerk of Court. This is one of several county-run public record departments in the state of North Carolina. There are approximately 120 public criminal court records within the jurisdiction. The records list everything from felony charges and warrants for arrest, to minor traffic offenses, and sexual offender registries.

In essence, public arrest warrants allow law abiding citizens the peace of mind that they need when they are out of town, or traveling on business. This allows them to leave their property, or their office, and come back home without the fear of being harmed or robbed by an intruder. If you are traveling on vacation, and you do not know if there are warrants out for your arrest, it would be prudent to leave your property until you can travel back to your place of origin. Doing so would also prevent the possibility of inadvertently doing something that may land you in jail for serious offenses.

Warrant records are available to the general public, however the only time these documents are disclosed is when there is an impending legal proceeding. This is generally when a person is about to face trial for a crime that they are accused of committing. When this information is revealed during a court proceeding, the presiding judge usually requests that the prosecutor disclose the information. If they refuse, then they will have to abide by this request until the case concludes.

If you are wondering how a warrant for your arrest actually gets issued, there is really no simple answer. Many times, there could be multiple reasons why a warrant might be issued. Common situations for obtaining warrants include catching a suspect with outstanding arrest warrants, or executing a search warrant in connection with a drug transaction.

If you want to perform a warrant search, you will first need to locate the Records Division of the Clerk of Court in your county. There is a link located on the Court’s Home Page that will take you to the Records Division. You can perform a warrant search by visiting their website and clicking on “Warrant Search.” Within the “Warrant Records” section, you will be able to find a detailed description of each of the warrants. You can also see if the person you are investigating has any outstanding warrants out for their arrest. If there are, you will need to contact the law enforcement agency regarding their warrant status.

Some warrants may be canceled, or have a time limit to show valid after a certain period of time. There may also be information available on arrests that occurred more than seven years ago. If you want to check up on an outstanding warrant against a person, you can either visit their courthouse or go online to do a warrant search from a reliable third party.