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Wilson County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Wilson County ClerkPO Box 1728WilsonNC27894252-399-2804
Wilson County Marriage License2201 Miller Road SouthWilsonNC27893252-399-2803
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Wilson County Register of Deeds County Records
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Married Couples13,716 (42.8%)
Unmarried Couples1,924 (2.4%)
Never Married Men10,764 (35.4%)
Never Married Women10,450 (29.8%)
Separated Men953 (3.1%)
Separated Women1,402 (4.0%)
Widowed Men957 (3.1%)
Widowed Women3,979 (11.3%)
Divorced Men3,130 (10.3%)
Divorced Women4,422 (12.6%)

Marriage Records in Wilson County North Carolina

There is no need to have marriage records in Wilson County. You can request them from the clerk of court in your county, or if you prefer the information can be obtained online. Each record has a name and year of marriage, the names of the bride and groom and their parents on it, if known and their respective addresses. They also show where the wedding took place and who officiated the ceremony.

You may have come across the term ‘paper trail’ when looking at online records and this is exactly what it is. The paper trail starts with the marriage license. This needs to be recorded and the signature verified before it is filed with the county recorder. If this record does not exist, you will be required to apply for one. If the application is approved then a certificate is mailed to the applicant along with a check. This record is considered public record and one can search it for free.

Another method of obtaining marriage records in Wilson County is to visit the local county courthouse or registry of deeds office. These are still places you can go to request copies of the marriage license if you require it. These are also the best places to obtain certified copies as they are the only places where marriages actually take place and they contain the original forms.

One can easily obtain marriage records online in two ways. One is to visit each of the county’s records sites one by one to request the records you require and the other way is to visit one central record site. Using one of these sites will allow you to obtain all the records you want very quickly without having to visit each of the county’s sites individually. You will also be able to make sure that the records you request are up to date as each state is now making all their records available online.

You can find marriage records by using any one of two methods. One of the most popular is to visit one of the central record sites, which offers free online access to almost all the information a person needs about a particular person or persons. This includes marriage records. The other way is to employ the use of a paid service. However, these services tend to cost a great deal and do not offer the level of information which an individual can gain from using the county record system.

The information contained in one of the online records services is usually quite detailed. You can obtain full name, date of birth, social security number, place of birth, and even previous addresses if this is of importance to you. Some of these websites also offer information about criminal activity, bankruptcy, liens, public records, bankruptcy, property ownership, and much more. You can also look up names of your children and even search for birth records. If you need this level of detail it would probably be worth paying a small fee.