Pamlico County North Carolina Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Pamlico County Clerk Office
Pamlico County Manager302 Main StreetBayboroNC28515252-745-3133
Pamlico County Town & City Halls
Bayboro Town Hall208 North StreetBayboroNC28515252-745-4238
Minnesott Beach Town Hall11758 NC Highway 306 SArapahoeNC28510252-249-1755
Oriental Village Town Hall507 Church StreetOrientalNC28571252-249-0555
Vandemere Town Hall1042 Pennsylvania AvenueVandemereNC28587252-745-5473
Pamlico County Marriage License Office
Pamlico County Marriage License202 Main StreetBayboroNC28515252-745-4421
Pamlico County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Pamlico County Divorce Certificates
Pamlico County Genealogy Records
Pamlico County Government Marriage Records
Pamlico County Property Records
Pamlico County Register of Deeds Website


Married Couples3,035 (56.3%)
Unmarried Couples195 (1.6%)
Never Married Men1,563 (27.3%)
Never Married Women911 (16.7%)
Separated Men123 (2.2%)
Separated Women167 (3.1%)
Widowed Men234 (4.1%)
Widowed Women670 (12.3%)
Divorced Men561 (9.8%)
Divorced Women512 (9.4%)

How to Access Marriage Records in Pampano County North Carolina

Pamlico County, North Carolina is located in Putnam County and is bordered by the state of South Carolina in the east, the federal state of North Carolina in the west, the eastern part of Pennsylvania in the south, and Florida in the west. Records are maintained at the county level and can be searched by name or case type. Many times there are multiple versions of the same record due to errors made by the records office when uploading them to the computer database. It has taken years for the county to update its information and fill in the missing details, so anyone looking for marriage records in Pamlico County needs to be prepared to dig for the details.

Marriage records are public records and are available to any member of the public who can make a valid request for such information. The only requirement is that you must state in the request that you are not a lawyer or a legal advisor. If you state this in the form then the records office will accept your request without further questioning. If you request records of your own marriage then you need to state the event as being for legal purposes only, for example to clear any debts with your soon to be ex. Marriage records of just anyone cannot be viewed.

The best place to find marriage records in Pamlico County is the Office of the Register of Deeds. These offices keep all of North Carolina’s public records and are one-stop locations for anyone looking for information on marriage records or any other type of public record. They have up to date informational information on all of the counties in the state and even have information available for previous states. It is a good idea to use the DMV for information if you plan to remarry because it is much easier to obtain then using the county office.

You can also try the Freedom of Information Act to obtain North Carolina marriage records. This act states that certain public records can be freely obtained by the person being searched. Many times the information can be requested at any time; however it depends on the type of records you are requesting. This is the easiest way to obtain such records.

A new method of obtaining public records is available online. Online marriage records searches are available for free to the public. You can obtain information such as the names of the couple, the date of marriage and sometimes the birth of the couple. Some sites will also let you search through multiple records so you can obtain a full history on the subject.

These online searches are safe, confidential and fast. When you access these online records, you never have to provide your Social Security number. You can obtain North Carolina marriage records, which cover a period of time starting from the filing of the papers to the wedding. These online records are very accurate and up-to-date. The price you pay for this service is well worth the results you will obtain in a short period of time.