Berkshire County Massachusetts Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Berkshire County Clerk Offices
Berkshire County Clerk76 East StreetPittsfieldMA1201413-499-7487
Adams Town Clerk8 Park StreetAdamsMA1220413-743-8320
Cheshire Town Clerk80 Church StreetCheshireMA1225413-743-1690
Clarksburg Town Clerk111 River RoadClarksburgMA1247413-663-8247
North Adams City Clerk10 Main StreetNorth AdamsMA1247413-662-3015
Pittsfield Clerk24 Wendell AvenuePittsfieldMA1201413-442-5468
Richmond Town Clerk1529 State RoadRichmondMA1254413-698-3315
Sheffield Town Clerk21 Depot SquareSheffieldMA1257413-229-8752
Berkshire County Town & City Halls
Adams City Hall8 Park StreetAdamsMA1220413-743-8310
Adams Town Hall67 Park StreetAdamsMA1220413-743-1212
Becket Town Hall557 Main StreetBecketMA1223413-623-8934
Cheshire Town Hall80 Church StCheshireMA1225413-743-1690
Clarksburg Town Hall111 River RoadClarksburgMA1247413-663-8255
Dalton Town HallSte 6, 462 Main StDaltonMA1226413-684-6111
Florida Town Hall379 Mohawk TrlDruryMA1343413-662-2448
Great Barrington Town Hall334 Main StreetGreat BarringtonMA1230413-528-3140
Hancock Town Hall3650 Hancock RoadHancockMA1237413-738-5225
Hinsdale Town Hall39 South StreetHinsdaleMA1235413-655-2301
Lee Town Hall32 Main StreetLeeMA1238413-243-5505
Lenox Town Hall6 Walker StreetLenoxMA1240413-637-5506
Monterey Town Hall435 Main RoadMontereyMA1245413-528-5175
New Ashford Town Hall199 Mallery RoadNew AshfordMA1237413-458-5461
Otis Town Hall1 North Main RoadOtisMA1253413-269-0104
Peru Town Hall3 East Main RoadPeruMA1235413-655-8312
Pittsfield City Hall330 North StreetPittsfieldMA1201413-236-8689
Berkshire County Marriage License Offices
Adams Marriage LicenseAdams Town Clerk, Town Hall, 1St Floor, 8 Park StreetAdamsMA1220413-743-8320
Alford Marriage LicenseAlford Town Clerk, 5 Alford Center Rd.Great BarringtonMA1230413-528-4536
Becket Marriage LicenseBecket Town Clerk, 557 Main StreetBecketMA1223
Cheshire Marriage LicenseCheshire Town Clerk, 80 Church StreetCheshireMA1225413-743-1690
Clarksburg Marriage LicenseClarksburg Town Clerk, 111 River RoadClarksburgMA1247413-663-8255
Dalton Marriage LicenseDalton Town Clerk, 462 Main StreetDaltonMA1226
Egremont Marriage LicenseEgremont Town Clerk, 171 Egremont Plain Road So.EgremontMA1258
Florida Marriage LicenseFlorida Town Clerk, 20 South StreetFloridaMA1343413-664-6685
Great Barrington Marriage LicenseGreat Barrington Town Clerk, 334 Main StreetGreat BarringtonMA1230413-528-3140
Hancock Marriage LicenseHancock Town Clerk, 3650 Hancock RoadHancockMA1237413-738-5225
Hinsdale Marriage LicenseHinsdale Town Clerk, 39 South StreetHinsdaleMA1235413-655-2301
Lanesborough Marriage License83 North Main StreetLanesboroughMA1237413-442-1167
Lee Marriage LicenseLee Town Clerk, 32 Main StreetLeeMA1238413-243-5505
Lenox Marriage LicenseLenox Town Clerk, 6 Walker StreetLenoxMA1240413-637-5506
Monterey Marriage LicenseMonterey Town Clerk, 435 Main RoadMontereyMA1245
Mount Washington Marriage LicenseMount Washington Town Clerk, 118 East StreetMount WashingtonMA1258413-528-2839
New Ashford Marriage LicenseNew Ashford Town Clerk, 188 Mallery RoadNew AshfordMA1237413-458-5461
New Marlborough Marriage LicenseNew Marlborough Town Clerk, 807 Mill River Southfield Rd.Mill RiverMA1244413-229-8278
Otis Marriage LicenseOtis Town Clerk, 1 North Main Rd.OtisMA1253
Peru Marriage LicensePeru Town Clerk, 3 East Main RoadPeruMA1235413-655-8312
Richmond Marriage LicenseRichmond Town Clerk, 1529 State RoadRichmondMA1254413-698-3555
Sandisfield Marriage LicenseSandisfield Town Clerk, 66 Sandisfield RoadSandisfieldMA1255413-258-4075
Savoy Marriage LicenseSavoy Town Clerk, 720 Main RoadSavoyMA1256413-743-3759
Sheffield Marriage LicenseSheffield Town Clerk, 21 Depot SquareSheffieldMA1257
Stockbridge Marriage LicenseStockbridge Town Clerk, 50 Main StreetStockbridgeMA1262
Berkshire County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Adams Town Clerk Marriage Applications
Adams Town Clerk Website
Alford Town Government Website
Dalton Town Clerk's Office Marriage Applications
Dalton Town Clerk's Office Website
Great Barrington Town Clerk Marriage Applications
Great Barrington Town Clerk Website
Monterey Town Clerk Website
North Adams City Clerk Website
North Adams Public Library Website
Otis Town Clerk Marriage Applications
Otis Town Clerk Website
Pittsfield City Clerk's Office Vital Records
Pittsfield City Clerk's Office Website
Sheffield Town Clerk Marriage Records
Sheffield Town Clerk's Office Website
Stockbridge Town Clerk Website
Town of Dalton Genealogy Records
Town of Lee Clerk's Office Website
Town of Otis Vital Records
Married Couples 23,566 (42.8%)
Unmarried Couples 4,111 (3.4%)
Never Married Men 18,837 (35.8%)
Never Married Women 17,000 (29.8%)
Separated Men 879 (1.7%)
Separated Women 916 (1.6%)
Widowed Men 1,614 (3.1%)
Widowed Women 6,042 (10.6%)
Divorced Men 6,386 (12.1%)
Divorced Women 8,475 (14.8%)

Marriage Records In Berkshire County Massachusetts

If you are wondering about marriage records in Berkshire County Massachusetts, there are two official locations where you can access these records. One way to get these records is through the State Office of Public Health and Welfare in Berkshire. This office maintains information on all marriages that have been performed in the state of Massachusetts. It includes information such as the names of the bride and groom, their parents or guardians, witnesses, and even the date of the ceremony. You will need this information to perform a genealogical search on your own.

Another official place to search for these records is the Berkshire County Clerk’s Office. Here you will be able to find all of the records that are filed in the entire state of Massachusetts. The clerk’s office is located at the courthouse in the town of West Boylston. There are numerous service providers that offer this information. You can either pay to have the information downloaded from the state or county offices, or you can access the information for free online.

You can also search for marriage records by visiting the various branches of the Social Security Administration. These bureaus maintain records of all people who have ever applied for Social Security benefits. All you need to do to obtain these records is to contact one of the local SSA branches to see if they have the person you are interested in records for. Once you have obtained the information, it is advised that you try and verify the information yourself before using it to apply for credit or other forms of financial assistance. Only use the records for verification purposes.

The Office of Vital Records is the other official location to look for marriage records in Berkshire County. They maintain copies of birth, death, and marriage records of all persons in the state. This is the best source of information when you are trying to locate someone’s birth date, divorce information, or marriage date. However, because of privacy issues, this office offers the records for a nominal fee.

There are a number of websites on the Internet that you can access in order to locate the information you are looking for. Some websites allow you to search on a person’s name, while others will give you a location where the person’s records can be found. When you visit one of these websites, just enter the name of the person in question, and you will obtain the information that you are searching for. Usually, this information includes the person’s full name, current and past addresses, maiden name if any, and more. Marriage records in Berkshire County are available to anyone who has an electronic mail account with the proper address. You can simply fax the appropriate documents to one of these sites, or visit one of the county offices in the state in order to obtain the necessary records.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of looking at the website for marriage records, you might want to ask your local courthouse for the information. Many courthouses keep the records of marriages that have been performed in the past. If you are having problems locating the information you need on the Internet, you might as well resort to using traditional methods of locating the records. This is especially important when the person you are searching for is not from your local area. If you have any doubt as to the marital status of the person you are searching for, you should always call the clerk of court in your jurisdiction in order to find out the information.

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