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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Seward County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Seward County Clerk515 North Washington AvenueLiberalKS67901620-626-3355
Seward County Marriage License415 North Washington AvenueLiberalKS67901620-626-3375
Seward County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Seward County Cemetery Records
Seward County Clerk of The District Court Website
Seward County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples3,621 (47.8%)
Unmarried Couples637 (2.8%)
Never Married Men3,335 (38.4%)
Never Married Women2,467 (30.4%)
Separated Men60 (0.7%)
Separated Women243 (3.0%)
Widowed Men157 (1.8%)
Widowed Women813 (10.0%)
Divorced Men942 (10.8%)
Divorced Women752 (9.3%)

Where to Search For Marriage Records

For all intents and purposes, public marriage records are available to anyone who requests them from the City of Seattle where they are stored. Searching for them in Sedgwick County, however, is a bit different. You’ll have to go through the City of Seattle and then make a special request for copies of your records by mail. This is because Sedgwick is part of King County and it does not have access to the vital records database maintained by the city.

However, there is good news if you want to search for marriage records in Seattle and if you do you won’t have to pay to get them. There are now online companies that allow you to get the records you need very simply and very quickly. What’s more, they will provide records in all of the regions of Washington State that the King County government allows you to search. There is no waiting period for these documents, and you can have multiple lookups going on at the same time. All you have to do is find one of the sites that allows you to get access to their vital records database.

When it comes to searching for marriage records in Seattle, you have three different options. If you know the date of the wedding then you can search back that date. If you don’t know the date then you have the option of searching back to the time of the license application. If you know the names of the bride and groom then you can search using either their names or maiden names. If you have not come across the documents yourself then you can pay a small fee to get access to them. This fee is well worth the peace of mind.

Once you access the records online you’ll be provided with the name and address of the person in question as well as the other information about them. If you’d like more information then you can pay a nominal additional fee and get any additional information that you might want. The fees are very reasonable and usually only a few dollars. If you were to search for records in Seattle before this option then you probably would’ve had to spend a lot more money.

When you look for marriage records in Seattle you also have the option to fax, mail, or email the documents. If you choose to fax the information then you’re likely to receive a faster response than if you send it by mail. You should keep in mind however that if you put the fax number in the body of an email it may attract the attention of the person you’re trying to fax the records to. If you choose to mail or email the records then you need to make sure that it is enclosed inside a very clear and non-misleading document. The other option is to simply email the records and wait a few days for the document to be received before you can retrieve it from your computer.

When you are searching for marriage records in Seattle, it’s important that you do not hurry to get the information. It is possible that the records are actually in the wrong place, or that they have been tampered with. This can cause the whole thing to be dismissed as a mistake so make sure that you gather all of the information first. That way you can get your perfect records and enjoy them.