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(2751)Seward County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Seward County Probation Department415 North Washington AvenueLiberalKS67901620-626-3227
Seward County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Seward County Sheriffs Department / Seward County Jail501 North Washington AvenueLiberalKS67901620-309-2015
Liberal Municipal Court325 North Washington AvenueLiberalKS67901620-626-0143
Liberal Police Department325 North Washington AvenueLiberalKS67901620-626-0150
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Warrant Records

Warrant records in Seward County, Kansas, are maintained by the Kansas City Police Department. The warrants that they issue are public and can be obtained from the court house or any of the county offices. These documents list all warrants that have been issued in the jurisdiction of Seward County, where the warrant is served.

If a person is arrested for any of the crimes listed in their record, one copy of the warrant will be given to the arresting officer while the other will be given to the accused. This copy of the warrant will serve as evidence in court if the accused appears in person. The copy of the warrant that was obtained by the arresting officer must be given to the person arrested immediately after their arrest. That is why it is important that one obtain an arrest warrant before attempting to assist a friend, neighbor, or family member in any legal matter.

Warrant records also show if a person has ever been convicted of a crime. While it would be surprising to have a warrant out for one of the friend’s teenage daughter’s date, it is possible. An employer can have a warrant out for the employee’s protection if he or she was accused of stealing. A person with a warrant can also be searched through the local jail if they were arrested on suspicion of a crime. Warrant records also show the name of the person who issued the warrant and the location of where the warrant was issued.

Warrant searches are not only used by law enforcement, but also by private individuals who suspect their spouse or partner of wrongdoing. In the case of domestic violence, an individual who suspects their partner might be cheating on them can use a search to see if they have a warrant for their arrest. Searching through the arrest record of someone can also reveal other information about the person such as his or her address history. In some cases, people will use a service to perform a warrant search on themselves because they think that the warrant is expired.

If you run a search and you find out that there is no warrant out for your arrest, then you can proceed to set up a meeting with the person. The goal of this meeting is to determine whether or not the person is in fact free to come or not. During this first meeting it is important to ask the person lots of questions so that they will know why they have warrants out for their arrest. You should also ask for proof of residency in order to make sure that you can protect yourself from future infractions. It is also important to know that a warrant can be legally executed when you are present at the scene of the arrest.

After the person confirms that they do have a warrant, the next step is to contact the law enforcement agency where the warrant was issued. You will need to have the person’s name, date of birth, social security number and any other pertinent information in order to follow through with your investigation. To help keep track of what you are investigating, it may be helpful to keep a written record of everything that you learn. Once you have acquired all of the necessary information you can then file a request for an arrest warrant. Most warrant records are available for 30 days following the issuance of the warrant.