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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Mitchell County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Mitchell County ClerkPO Box 190BeloitKS67420785-738-3652
Mitchell County Marriage License115 South Hersey AvenueBeloitKS67420785-738-3753
Cawker City Clerk804 Locust StreetCawkerKS67430785-781-4713
Glen Elder City Hall213 South Market StreetGlen ElderKS67446785-545-3322
Mitchell County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Mitchell County Divorce Certificates
Mitchell County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples1,331 (48.8%)
Unmarried Couples132 (2.2%)
Never Married Men796 (30.3%)
Never Married Women420 (17.0%)
Separated Men3 (0.1%)
Separated Women12 (0.5%)
Widowed Men123 (4.7%)
Widowed Women329 (13.3%)
Divorced Men369 (14.1%)
Divorced Women288 (11.6%)

How to Find Marriage Records in Mitchell County Kansas

Marriage Records in Kansas is maintained in the same manner as other public records. They can be viewed by any individual who is entitled to view them, for example, state employees, licensed professionals like doctors or lawyers and anyone else who has the right to access them. Records are usually kept for vital records. Vital records include birth, death and marriage records. This means that anyone can get a copy of your birth certificate just by requesting it from the court which issued your original certificate of birth.

If you want to obtain marriage records in Kansas one of the best ways is to request it from the County Clerks Office. This is usually done free of charge. You will have to fill up a form, specifying the location of where you want the record. Some counties allow you to download the information directly to your computer or they may need a signed application for this. It is highly recommended that you get this information online, as you will have access to various options.

The process of obtaining public records in Kansas is not hard, however it does require some patience and some research. There are many different ways by which you can get marriage records online in Kansas. You can use the Central State Record Office, which is the network of courts and county offices that keep these records. You can also go through the Kansas State Lottery Commission. Marriage records are available for public viewing on the web through these third-party providers.

There are certain things that you should know before conducting a search on marriage records in Kansas. Marriage records are considered public information, but they are not linked to an individual’s name. For instance, you can obtain the personal records of anybody whose last name is Smith but for whom you have no other information about their life. Similarly, the records of someone else who has the same first and last names as you won’t contain your information. Because of this, it is important that you conduct a limited search before requesting for information on any individual record.

Marriage records are considered public records, and they are stored in various locations. Some of these records are kept in the county office where the marriage was performed, while other records are stored at the state or federal level. The information contained in these records is usually updated, as it changes with the laws and the requirements of various states. However, it is possible for information contained in public records to be doctored or fabricated.

To get marriage records in Kansas you need to first visit the website of the Social Service Registry. This network maintains a comprehensive database of information about people in Kansas. Once you have established an account with the Social Service Registry, you can search its extensive records database for information that you are looking for. You can get information such as the personal details of the person including his birth record, marriage records, divorce details of the officiator, parents and other members of the immediate family. These records can also be requested from other government agencies including vital statistics office, prison and jail records, sex offender registries and court records.