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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Cherokee County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Cherokee County Clerk100 West Main StreetCentreAL35960256-927-3637
Cherokee County Marriage License260 Cedar Bluff RoadCentreAL35960256-927-3363
Cedar Bluff City Hall3420 Spring StreetCedar BluffAL35959256-779-7284
Leesburg Town Hall215 Industrial BoulevardLeesburgAL35983256-526-8890
Sand Rock Town Hall1925 Sand Rock AvenueSand RockAL35983256-523-5898
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Cherokee County Divorce Certificates
Cherokee County Health Department Website
Cherokee County Marriage Certificates & Records
Cherokee County Probate Office Website


Married Couples 6,098 (56.5%)
Unmarried Couples 541 (2.1%)
Never Married Men 2,324 (21.6%)
Never Married Women 1,775 (16.2%)
Separated Men 182 (1.7%)
Separated Women 302 (2.8%)
Widowed Men 371 (3.5%)
Widowed Women 1,218 (11.1%)
Divorced Men 1,355 (12.6%)
Divorced Women 1,399 (12.8%)

How To Lookup Marriage Records At Cherokee County Alabama

Marriage Records in Cherokee County, Alabama is maintained by the County Clerk of Court. It is one of the counties of Alabama along with Mobile, Beshek and Baldwin. It is a vital record that is filed for the sake of marriage and all related events. The clerk keeps the marriage license and the names of the parties involved in the marriage. Information on parents, witnesses and other individuals who were present at the marriage is also documented.

The marriage records include information on the names of the bride and groom, the parents of the bride and groom, the official name of the couple, witnesses and other individuals who were present at the time of the wedding. People can also find information about the marriage license for themselves from these records. If you have certain concerns or questions pertaining to the records then you can approach the county office and file a request. There are also some commercial record providers who have the records uploaded on their respective websites.

The marriage records maintained by the clerk of court in Cherokee County are confidential and cannot be obtained by anyone without the relevant authority. There are many reasons as to why these records cannot be accessed over the Internet. One of the main reasons is that the information is encrypted and it can not be accessed directly from the internet. This means that the records are safe from unauthorized access. There are also provisions that the records can be forwarded only if the person involved in the request is a resident of the county.

These marriage records in Cherokee County can be searched either on the internet or by visiting the office directly. Information regarding all aspects of marriage is available through these records. You can find out about the name of the groom or the bride as well as the parents of the bride and groom, the place where the wedding took place, the officiator of the ceremony and the witnesses present at the time of the event. The couple’s parents can also be found out, which gives a detailed insight into their relationship with each other.

Some of the information regarding these marriage records in Cherokee County is also provided in the names and states of the people involved. This helps people find out if they have any other family members living in that state. People can also research on the divorce details of the couple and their history in the community before they get married. If there is a possibility of a divorce because of fraud or because of the death of an important member in the family, the records can prove if the person is actually the legitimate father or mother of the child. It helps to verify the relationship of the child with his/her real parent.

Most of the people who require access to such records do not know where to look for such records in Cherokee County. The information about marriage records that are available on these websites is usually incomplete and outdated. The records that one gets from these websites might also be of low quality. So it is advisable to make use of some accurate resource which can provide genuine and accurate information about marriage records.

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